Ooblar was King Goobot's former royal assistant and younger brother in Jimmy Neutron. He is no longer Goobot's assistant since he was traded for sulfur butter.


Ooblar was the self-appointed "checker of new things to be checked" on the planet Yolkus. He is the younger brother and former assistant of King Goobot. The character no longer serves as King Goobot's assistant since he was traded for sulfur butter. Ooblar has only appeared in one episode of the show; The Eggpire Strikes Back. However, in The League of Villains Goobot was introducing him to other villains even though he wasn't there then suddenly remembered he traded Ooblar for sulfur butter.

His Planet Sheen counterpart is Pinter.


Ooblar is a neon green color. He has two silver robotic arms. The character floats inside of a purple metal suit and has a pair of red eyes on stalks.

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