"Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" is a special hour-length episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Jimmy is recruited by a top-secret government agency to become a spy, but what's even more thrilling is joining forces with his action-hero movie idol Jet Fusion in an effort to save the world from the villainous Professor Calamitous and his daughter, Beautiful Gorgeous.

Home video releases

  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion


  • This episode was ranked #44 in The 100 Greatest Nicktoon Episodes countdown.
  • Sheen says that Libby will be jealous if he marries Beautiful Gorgeous, but he doesn't fall for Libby until "Love Potion 976/J". This hints that Sheen has always liked Libby. The first time this was hinted was in Party at Neutron's.
  • This is the only episode to use a different end credits song.
  • Sheen meeting a guy in an Ultra Lord costume is easily a reference to the movie when he, Jimmy, Carl and Nick snuck out to Retroland.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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