Pam Puckett

Pamela "Pam" Puckett is Sam and Melanie Puckett's mother. In the first three seasons, she was never seen on-screen, but has been referred to numerous times.In iParty with Victorious, it was said that Sam's father "once told [her] he was coming back," implying that he left Pam when Sam and Melanie were little. And also in iLost My Mind, when a guard asks Sam where her father is, she yells, "You tell me!", implying that he has not made contact with his family since he left. She can be aggressive, cruel and immature, but tries hard to be a good mother towards Sam and Melanie even though she doesn't seem to know how. Pam appeared in iSam's Mom and she was played by the famous Glee actress Jane Lynch.