"Party of Three!" is the first segment of the 20th episode of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It is the fourth The Fairly OddParents short featured on the show.


Mr. and Mrs. Turner are going out again. Timmy thought that they are going to call Vicky, but they don't need her tonight. Timmy was going to be alone for the night until they got back. When they left, Timmy wished up some party things. He didn't know that he was being spied by Vicky. Then Vicky went up to a tree and then she saw it and called Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner. When they arrived they only saw Timmy reading a book. They went away again. This time Timmy wished a monster race then the next thing she saw was a roller coaster after being spluttered by mud and then she took a picture. She called Mr. and Mrs. Turner again and showed the picture when they arrived and Timmy heard of them and he wished it as Mr. Turner's underwear. Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner were annoyed with her. When Mrs. Turner came in she saw Timmy and they hugged, but then she saw food on Timmy's teeth. And then Mr. Turner called Vicky and she got out a toothbrush machine to wipe out the food. Cosmo and Wanda start brushing their teeth.

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  • Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3

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