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Genre Comedy
Created by John Callahan
Starring Robert Tinkler
David Arquette
Chuck Campbell
Phil Guerrero
Ellen-Ray Hennessy
Kim Kuhteubl
Julie Lemieux
Tracey Moore
Peter Oldring
Tony Rosato
David Huband
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
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Running time 21 minutes approx.
Original channel Nickelodeon (2000-2002)
Original run October 5, 2000 – November 15, 2002
Official Site
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Pelswick is an animated series that was created by and based off the books of John Callahan. The show follows the daily life of a fearlessly funny 13-year-old boy, who happens to be in a wheelchair. Despite being a quadriplegic, Pelswick demands to be treated like everyone else.


  • Pelswick- Our disabled protagonist. Pelswick has a large nose and is easily annoyed by everything around. He thinks he is his own man and does not follow the crowd. But being in a wheelchair does not keep him down. His family includes his politically correct father Quentin, his precious kid sister Kate, and his cute baby brother Bobby.
  • Mr. Jimmy- Pelswick's guardian angel. Only Pelswick can see him. He gives Pelswick indirect advice which he does not get until the last second. Pelswick cant stand him or his stories.
  • Julie Smockford- Pelswick's girlfriend. Julie tends to be shrill and bicker with her best friend, Sandra. Julie is a bossy and rich redhaired girl who is very spoiled and bratty. She however, does share a deep love for Pelswick though and adores Bobby.

Broadcast History

United States

Nickelodeon (2000-2005)
Nicktoons TV (2002-2005)
CBS (2002)

Suzhou Hong Ying Animation


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