Penny Sanchez
Penny Sanchez
Oh Yeah! Cartoons and ChalkZone character
Background information
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by Hynden Walch (speaking)
Robyn Krimsse (occasional singing)
First appearance "Rudy's Date"
Last appearance "BullSnap"
Character information
Full name Penelope Victoria Sanchez
Species Human
Other names Penita; the Little Genius Girl; Buckette
Personality kind, sweet, smart, scientific, cute
Appearance Slender, tanned skin, green tank, green skirt, green earrings, pink shoes, white socks, cat eye glasses
Citizenship Plainville, USA
Relatives Dr. Sanchez (mother)
Pets Courtney the ChalkCondor
Allies Rudy Tabootie (unofficial boyfriend); Snap.
Enemies Reggie Bullnerd; Butch Biceps; the Craniacs; Skrawl & the Beanie Boys; Dr. Von Dockter

Penelope Victoria "Penny" Sanchez is the lead female character from ChalkZone. She is a cute and intelligent young girl who is best friends with Rudy Tabootie, who has a rather obvious crush on her. (It is implied that Penny may also have a crush on him as well.) As Rudy's best friend, she is also the only other person who knows about ChalkZone, and often accompanies him on his adventures there. She is always the one to point out the flaws in Rudy's amazing plans. She also has a sweet and heartwarming bond with her mother (who she calls mama).


"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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