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Pig Goat Banana Cricket
"Pig Goat Banana Mantis"
Season 0, Episode N/A
Airdate: August 13, 2012 (online)
Written by: Johnny Ryan
Directed by: Dave Cooper
Nick Cross
Episode chronology
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"Pig Goat Banana Cricket High Five!"
"Pig Goat Banana Mantis" is the pilot episode of Pig Goat Banana Cricket.


Pig, Goat, Banana, and Mantis live in a semi-isolated cement tree house they inherited from their Old Uncle Robot. They grew up in the tree house, raised by their Uncle, until the trithalium crystals in his cerebrex burned out, causing him to permanently deactivate, leaving them suddenly on their own. Because they all grew up in the same treehouse together, they have developed a really close bond, but they still have very different personalities that often clash in dramatic ways. However, even though they do battle with each other from time to time, they always come together whenever a crisis threatens their home or strange family unit.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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