Season 1, Episode 13B
Production code: 113B
Original air date: October 11, 2014
Written by: Amy Wolfran
Directed by: Dave Stone
Episode chronology
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"TNT-Midi" "Night of the Living Bread"

"Poltergoose" is the second segment of the 13th episode of Breadwinners.


SwaySway and Buhdeuce are driving in the rocket van. But SwaySway sugested they go through the Pongea Triangle. Buhdeuce didn't want to go through their. SwaySway explains that Buhdeuce can eat alot of bread while taking five extra minutes through the triangle. But by the time they got out, they hitted a poltergoose.The rocket van's been possesed by a poltergoose. They took it to Ketta to see if there was anything. She said the only way to get rid of the poltergoose was to exrecise it. A heavy workout later, the poltergoose was revealed. And was acting annoying.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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