Quazy for Vanessa is the first segment of the seventh episode of Breadwinners.


The ducks begin by sitting on a rooftop discussing their favorite things of life (which are of course bread and their rocket van). The other ducks go racing by away, and the Breadwinners think there is a monster. The monster replies "No, it's worse!" It turns out to be Oonski the Great, who is a giant beaver. The ducks are chased by Oonski until they crash into a grocery store. They disguise the Rocket Van as a girl beaver and wait for Oonski. When Oonski sees the "girl," he immediately falls in love with Vanessa (the name for the "girl").

After terrorizing Vanessa and the breadwinners, the food disguises are eaten off of the Rocket Van, revealing the secret identity. Oonski then steals the Rocket Van until SwaySway disguies a nearby trash box as a girl. Oonski falls in love again and then the guys race away. The final scene of the episode is a bunch of Beaver/garbage dump kids, while Oonski says that Dumpsterella is twice the woman Vanessa was.


  • This is the first episode to air (along with Tunnel of Fear) after a 2 month-long production hiatus.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Oonski the Great.