Raava is a being of light and peace. She is the sister of Vaatu. They both clash in Harmonic Convergences every 10,000 years.


Raava clashed with Vaatu and won the convergence. 10,000 years later, Wan came towards the spirits dishing it out. Wan ignored Raava's advice and freed Vaatu. Raava told Wan that freeing Vaatu has deep consequences on the humans and spirits. Raava and Wan told people and the spirits to resolve peacefully. Raava came into Wan's body so Wan can learn the 3 other elements besides fire to defeat Vaatu. Raava and Wan's union helped create the Avatar Spirit. This union helped banish Vaatu in a tree. Wan declared that the spirit and human worlds will be closed so Vaatu cannot bring war. Wan's goal in life is to spread peace throughout the world. He failed his goal in his life. Raava said that Wan will be with her in all her lifetimes. Once Wan breathed his last breath, the Avatar cycle began.

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