"Rabbid Elevation" is a first segment in the thirteenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids want to reach the moon with the elevator. they enter the elevatior. Frankie asks Ryan what do the quadtrio do now, Ryan says he dosn't know. they than argue over what they should do until the fake psychic from Rabbid, Are You There? marks his 2nd apperance. the fake psychic and the tennis player have a brief coversation before the rabbids interupt by farting. they reach the costume party. Steve and Tom go to get costumes, while Frankie and Ryan stay. they press fire alarms and prank the fire department. than Tom[ now changed his apperance to selina, the Female Rabbid] and Steve is wearing a space helmet. selina tells them to go, which they accept. then selina sees pepe le punk and thinks he is pretty. pepe gets arrested and selina cries, thinking she will be arrested to. but Steve laughs at her and selina hits him. Frankie and Ryan come back from the costume party and the quatrio celabrate. than Frankie tells them to press the elelavatior button. Frankie helps selina press it, but Steve and Tom croud around them and jam it, causing it to fly upward. selina is too weak to press it. selina uses the plunger pistol she got from the party and shoots it at the down button. they all go down and selina's wig comes off,turning her back into Steve. the quatrio all float and hi 5 each other. but the elavatior stops, causing them to fall. they see light, and think it is the moon, but it is the bottom of the mall. the are all sad.but they leave the mall. the end.


  • This is the first segment to be a last episode of 2013.