"Rabbidmobile" is a second segment in the sixteenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


It starts that Barranco, Steve and Frankie are riding on a skateboard. The other rabbids are getting tired to row like that and asking Frankie about Barranco wants them to do. However, There was Thomas's car going fast and Thomas get out from his car. He must've went to pee and he pee at the bush. The three of them are in front of Thomas's car. They still rowing until Frankie gone too far listening to him and get of the skateboard and start running by pushing the board. Barranco and Steve screams when the board goes too fast. Then the other rabbids are safe from getting hurt except Barranco got hitted by the Thomas's car door and slipped off. Steve and Frankie just laugh at Barranco by getting hitted by the car door. Barranco stand up and walked away for laughing at him. The both of them also get up and looking at the car and smiles. The two of them get inside the car and checking the car. Barranco start to argue at them for laughing at him. After that, he push the car door and was nearly shut. Barranco then laughs at them by thinking the door was shut and he thinks that the both of them can't get out. Steve stares at Barranco and he accidentally push the car door by hitting at Barranco then he pulled it away after hitting him. He do it again until he got slipped off. The both of them laughs at Barranco again by hitting him again with a car door and Barranco stands up was not personally happy for them and start to keep arguing at them for hitting him again with a car door. The both of them are still laughing at Barranco until Barranco accidentally kick the car door and it was completely shut. Unfortunately, Steve open the car door hitting him like the same time and Barranco shut the door again when Frankie's head touch something. It was the car wiper that he accidentally touch it. They all looked at the car wiper until the rabbids' eyes got dizzy and start laughing. However, Barranco stands up by he was in front of the car and decided to get them attention. Barranco is now trying to get them paying attention by going in front of the car mirror. He put the skateboard in front of the car hood and trying to get them paying attention. The rabbids is starting to get sleepy when Barranco is trying to get them paying attention but the rabbids can't hear him clearly and still looking at the car wiper. Then, Barranco will now starting to arguing at them again to get them pay attention. The both of them are getting tired and was about to sleep. Barranco then shouts at them but dosen't work and just stopped and starting to move left and right like a car wiper but the both of them already asleep. Barranco saw them fell asleep and stopped moving. He then starting to get angry and can't take it anymore. He attempted to stop the car wiper but Frankie accidentally touch the car wiper button to make it move faster. It cause Barranco to lose balance and get shaken off. Barranco got shaken off and just got slipped off. Steve just woke up and lost balance when he was still asleep. Then the first one just touch the car window button and starting to play with it. The second one also wake up and starting looking at Steve by playing with the car window. Barranco then saw them playing with the car window and looks like he can climb or jump through the window. He tried to jump but he was too short to jump through the car window. After that, he attempt to run and jump through the window. He was about to jump through but the car window blocks him for getting through. Barranco tried again but kept getting hitted a few times. The both of them laughing at Barranco by hitting him using a car window. Then, he can't run and jumped through the car window anymore and now trying to jump through the car window. He use the plunger to jump higher. Barranco was about to get inside the car but Steve just shut the window before he get inside. They all laughing at him again by closing the car window. The both of them won't stop playing with it. Barranco then use the plungers to climb. He climb at the back car and goes to the car door front window. He was about to make it but Steve do it again to make him slipped off. The other rabbids stop laughing at him and they heard Barranco's voice. The rabbids still continue laughing until Barranco throw a plunger at the Frankie's head. Then, Steve starts laughing at the second one when he can't see and got stucked at the steering. Steve starts playing with the steering until he got pay attention to Barranco. After that, he just put the plunger at Steve and finally can try to get inside the car. He get on the car hood and then try to climb through the window that was nearly shut but Frankie shut the car window completely. The both of them just laugh and Frankie just hit Steve's plunger and do dueling each other. Barranco now try to climb by start climbing at the back. Now Barranco is at the top of the car. Before he get inside the car, the first one accidentally press the horn. Cause Barranco to lost balance and surprised. He fell down at the car hood. But Steve also press the hood button by causing the car hood moving and Barranco get hitted two times. Unfortunate, Steve just press the Air Conditioner(A/C) and the fan make them moving back until it already stopped by Frankie for pressing the GPS. The GPS just got opened and Frankie taken off the plunger. The GPS speak and tell them to turn left. Steve got slipped off and go to the front. The GPS still asking them to turn left until she shouted turn left and the others looked left. After that, the GPS just got recalculated and the rabbids stop looking left. Barranco still cannot get inside the vehicle and become depressed. Then he started to push around Thomas's car. The rabbids think there is some earthquake coming through and become scared. The GPS start asking to move around. Steve just press the button to shut it down but it was the starting engine button and accidentally press the gear and the car start moving. Barranco just hold on at the car because the car was going fast. Steve lost balance because of the car got moving and just slipped at the accelerator pedal. It cause the car moving too much fast. Frankie is moving trying to stop the car. Frankie was about to pull him out of the accelerator pedal. But the car just tripped on a rock and the rabbids just let go of their hands after get tripped by a rock. Its speed is going above 40mph to 50mph. They have reached to the mountain and Steve still can't climbed back. Frankie used a plunger to grab him out of the accelerator pedal. Frankie finally get out but the plunger accidentally press the accelerator pedal when Frankie threw the plunger. It cause the car getting even more faster. Barranco is at the back of the car when the others are still in the car until the car window was open by Frankie. The both of them looked outside of the car window. Barranco managed to climb through the window and he finally get inside the car.

However, there was a car driving past through the store. The both of them that was inside the car was Mona and her old husband. But the car that was in front of Mona's old husband car was about to hit them. The both of those car nearly almost hit them but in slow motion Mona looked at the other car beside them. She saw the three rabbids ears. They're safe for getting hurt but they looked shocked because of the car. Frankie is using the car steering to move the car but the three of them are arguing to get move the steering and accidentally got hitted at the store. The three of them got hurt until Frankie just press the reverse gear. The car start moving back until the car made it to the desert. But the car got wrecked and got out of fuel. After that, the three of them are fully rested and ready to get on the skateboard again. They do the same time like they do. Unfortunately, it takes several minutes for him to pee and finished until he saw his car end up get wrecked and out of fuel. It troubles him to walk until he made it to the gas station and start crying. Then the episode ends.


  • Main antagonist: Professor Barranco 3