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Rabbids Invasion
"Rabbids Say Cheese"
Season 1, Episode 3A
Professor Barranco 3 orders Steve, Ryan and Frankie to find a quarter.
Airdate: August 17, 2013
Written by: Agnes Slimovici
Directed by: Stéphane Mit
Episode chronology
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"Runaway Rabbids" "Raving Lifeguard"
"Rabbids Say Cheese" is the first segment in the third episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The Rabbids are marching just like military soldiers when a dog attempts to attack. After handling the angry dog Professor Barranco 3 witnesses a photo booth in use. After disturbing Gómez Sullivan's attempt to take a photo he then attempts to use such himself and is annoyed buy the photo booth not taking his photo until a rabbid explains the coin slot. The rabbids bring many round objects but all are too big so Profesor Barranco 3 explains the size. The other 3 rabbids set of for a coin figure of the right size. When the unnamed hitchhiker appears and uses a soda vending machine with quarters. the rabbids attempt to reach one from the change slot but one gets stuck and left behind as the others use a golden coin-shaped object off the Bob's collar and leave to return to Profesor Barranco 3 who is waiting. 2 of the rabbids return an insert the coin only for Barranco to end up with pictures of his rear end and scream. The rabbid left in the machine is pulled out by the buisness man and drops a coin. Back at the photo booth Barranco yells at the others as they laugh at his pictures resulting in at first, Barranco pokes Rabbid #1 12 times. Then he is beating him across the floor. The rabbid with the quarter returns and offers Professor a second chance resulting in him finally getting a decent photo. As he admires his picture the other 3 rabbids hide behind the other pictures as Bob the dog returns and chases Barranco.


  • Professor Barranco 3 made his first appearance.
  • As one of the rabbids beats up barranco it may be not all have the same respect for him as others
  • The two rabbids laughing at the photos of Professor Barranco III's buttocks may be a reference to the original Despicable Me, where the minions were laughing at a minion's buttock.

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