Raging Mole is the second segment of the 17th episode of Breadwinners.


The episode starts when the Bread Maker and Lava mole are once again fighting. After yet another defeat, Lava Mole gets depressed and still desperate to to defeat the Bread Maker just once. He tells the Breadwinners it's because he's always defeated by the Bread Maker that his ex, Debbie, broke up with him, and all the monsters and moles who live in the mines humiliate him.

The Breadwinners try to convince the Bread Maker to lose the fight on purpose. At first he disagrees, but gives in after hearing Lava Mole cry. After a devastating defeat, Lava Mole locks the Bread Maker in a big bread box, takes over the man cave and enslaves the Breadwinners.

SwaySway rebels against Lava Mole and challenges him to a wrestling match. Despite him and Buhdeuce leveling up into wrestler ducks, Lava Mole injures them both very easily. Seeing their agony, the Bread Maker drinks an antidote that increases his size, enabling him to break out of the bread box.

After saving SwaySway and Buhdeuce from falling into lava, he orders Lava Mole to surrender, but then lava mole drinks his own antidote which also makes him as big. However Lava Mole is once again defeated by Bread Maker, prompting all the monsters and moles to be frightened away and Debbie to break up with lava Mole again.

Bread Maker helps up Lava Mole after Mole shrinks back to normal, but flicks him away after he tries to eat his arm off. As Bread Maker disappears, the bread he leaves behind is also huge and squashes the Breadwinners.