Retroville is the city where The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is set. Evidence points to it being located in Texas, with several references as it located there (ranches nearby, warm climate, as well as phone numbers being in the 212 area-code). Retroville is near a downtown area (as a possible reference to Sugar Land next to Houston). The city imposes a 4% tax rate, as seen on Mr. Giggle's invoice in the episode "Hypno Birthday to You".

Points of interestEdit

  • Jimmy's House, where the Neutron family resides.
  • Lindbergh Elementary School, where students go to attend school.
  • The Candy Bar, a diner-like joint, regularly visited by Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl.
  • Downtown Retroville, the main business and retail district.
  • Retroland, an amusement park.
  • Carl’s House