"Ring! Bwaah!" is the second segment in the fifth season of Rabbids Invasion.


The episode starts off with a bunch of people talking on their cellphones. Frankie comes in and talks on his pretend phone. This attracts more Rabbids to do the same thing. The Rabbids disturb Ashton Lincoln at the park causing her to hit the rabbids with her purse. She leaves without her phone. The phone is still on. The rabbids talk to the caller and the caller says "WHO IS THIS???... WHOO IS THIIS!!!" Then hangs up. Steve snatches the phone and looks at photos of Ashton Lincoln and her friend (Ashton was the girl disturbed by the rabbids). All the rabbids see a picture of Ashton's friend licking a Popsicle. Four of the rabbids rub their belly. The one holding the phone bites the phone. The 4 rabbids rub their belly again. The one holding the phone gets it stuck between his teeth. He calls one of the rabbids but he doesn't know what to do. Steve gets upset and angry. Becky laughs. Ryan says "Look behind you" in rabbid language and slaps the back of his head. The phone flies while playing music. Every time it hit something it played music.The rabbids then start dancing to it until Steve starts playing a video game on the phone.He accidentally puts it in the Female Rabbid's mouth.While she was getting it out.The phone took pitcures of her insides.Then they see other pictures like flowers and other stuff.They stop when they see ball and play football.The phone once again ends up Mark's mouth and the caller calls again.After that the rabbids call the police.The phone says to wait and starts to play music.The rabbids then start to walk slowly while the music plays.And stop while the phone repeats what it said.


  • This is the first episode to have the word Bwaah in the title.
  • The way the rabbid guards the goal while they are playing football is a reference to the original Rayman Raving Rabbids. Where the big grey rabbid guards the goal the same way.