Rugrats Live Adventure Photo

Angelica, Tommy, and Chuckie as they appear in the show.

Rugrats: A Live Adventure is the first live show based on Rugrats. It toured in the United States, Mexico, Britain, Ireland and Australia from February 6, 1998, to May 14, 2000.


  • The Mover's Rap
  • Rugrats Theme
  • Nothing To Be Escared Of
  • A Great Idea Can Change the World
  • Shine Your Light
  • I've Been a Bad Little Girl
  • Princess Of The World (Part 1)
  • Princess Angelica Says
  • If I Could Count To 2
  • He's Reptar!
  • Everybody Say
  • Shine Your Light (Gospel version)
  • Bee Samba
  • Princess of the World (part 2)
  • If I Could Count To 2 (Encore)

"I've Been A Bad Little Girl" and "Princess Angelica Says" are not included on the soundtrack album.


The following is the list of people who played the characters in the show.

Note: The voices of the Rugrats, Stu & Didi are the same as the ones in the TV series; these voices were pre-recorded in advance.

  • Astoria - Cari Daly
  • Larry - Angel Feliciano
  • Steve - John Paolillo
  • Mr. Flashlight & Space Alien Puppeteer - Layton Campbell
  • Hammer & Baby Mobile Dancer - R. Nation Boothe
  • 40's singer & Baby Mobile Dancer - Samantha DeCerce
  • Opera Diva & Tin Snips - Jason Michael Swauger
  • Didi - Maggie Da Silva
  • Stu - Michael A. O' Guin
  • Grandpa Lou & Baby Mobile Dancer - Todd Bowers
  • Lil* - Nanette Michelle
  • Lil* & Baby Mobile Dancer - Jaimie Hollmer
  • Phil* - Di Ana Pisarri
  • Phil* & Queen Bee & Baby Mobile Dancer - Tamara Paulino
  • Tommy* & Baby Mobile Dancer - Thea Rachel Schoenberg (credited as "Thea Rachel" in the program & soundtrack credits)
  • Tommy* - Jenine Galante
  • Angelica* - Melissa Muniz
  • Angelica*, Bee, Nuts & Bolts -Kara McKee
  • Chuckie* & Baby Mobile Dancer - Staci LaRue
  • Chuckie* - Diannè Aldrich
  • Susie & Walking Kitty Toy - Tammy Samuels
  • Space Alien Puppeteer & Baby Mobile Dancer - Jennifer Rapp
  • Female lead understudies - Alayna Deckelbaum, Jennifer Rapp, Katie Carpenter
  • Male lead understudies - Michael Dykes, R. Nation Boothe

* : The roles of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil & Angelica are "double-casted"; 2 people play the same part -- one in one scene, the other in another scene. These actors wear oversized costumes of the characters (larger than the Rugrats on TV), which tend to get hot inside. Also, the actors see out of the mouths of the head, so the peripheral vision is non-existant.

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