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The following is a list of episodes of Rusty Rivets

Short: 2016

# Title Air date
"Gear Up for Rusty Rivets!" May 31, 2016 (online)
Rusty and his team work together to build robotic letters, which become the "nickelodeon" logo.

Season 1: 2016-

# Title Air date
1a "Rusty's Rex Rescue" November 8, 2016
Botasaur comes to the rescue when a young boy named Liam McLoud becomes stuck on top of a junk heap.
1b "Rusty's Park N' Fly" November 8, 2016
Crush becomes a daredevil rescue pilot hero to bring a remote control plane down safely.
2a "Rusty's Ski Trip Blip" TBA
Rusty and the gang's ski trip is thwarted by a massive rockpile on the way to Pliers Peak.
2b "Rusty and the Camp Bandit" TBA
Rusty and Ruby earn their camping badges by rescuing a trapped opossum.
3a "Rusty's Penguin Problem" TBA
On the hottest day of the year, Rusty and Ruby must bring a group of penguins to the Nature Park.
3b "Rusty's Sand Castle Hassle" TBA
Rusty and Ruby enlist Whirly's help to retrieve sand castle blueprints from a thieving seagull.
4a "Rusty Rocks" TBA
With the help of Rusty and the Bits, Ruby competes in the Sparkton Hills talent show.
4b "Rusty's Balloon Blast" TBA
Whirly flies into action when Botasaur accidentally lets Liam McLoud launch a giant hot-air balloon.
5a "Rusty Dives In" November 10, 2016
When Ruby's tablet winds up at the bottom of the lake, Rusty dives in to save the day.
5b "Rusty's Big Top Trouble" November 10, 2016
The circus is coming - but when the engine fails on the circus train, Rusty must figure out how to get it back on track in time for opening night.
6a "Rusty Marks the Spot" November 11, 2016
When Rusty finds an old pirate's map, he and the gang dig up a lot more than treasure.
6b "Rusty's Bits on the Fritz" November 11, 2016
When the Bits wander into Rusty's parts replicator, the gang winds up with more bits than they bargained for.
7a "Rusty Digs In" November 9, 2016
When the key to the city goes missing, everyone assumes Botasaur buried it. But it isn't long until they dig up the truth.
7b "Rusty's Brave Cave Save" November 9, 2016
When Sammy gets trapped in a cave while spelunking, Rusty saves the day with a big idea inspired by a small creature.

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