Samuel L. "Sam" Dullard is a character on Rocket Power, a boy in the same age group as Otto and Twister. He and his divorced mom Paula live in a house on Ozone Street in Ocean Shores, near the Rodriguez and Rocket households. He is quite intelligent beyond his years, and Reggie is one of his classmates. Sam, who inherited the title of "Squid" from Twister, has had to deal with asthma, which appears to have affected his physical development. With a gnomish physique, short blond hair, and prominent eyeglasses, the formation of his character is said by some to have been inspired by the entertainer Drew Carey.

Although it's taken Sam a while to learn how to skate and surf well, one role in which he excels is as goal tender of the youth-league hockey team which comprises himself, Reggie, Otto, and Twister.


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