"Sandy's Nutmare" is the first segment of the 201st episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


At Sandy's Treedome, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are seen eating Krabby Patties. SpongeBob and Sandy fight over the last one with Sandy defeating SpongeBob by kicking him into the tree. SpongeBob notices that the leaves are falling early and Sandy, upon closer inspection, notices her tree is dying. Sandy then decides to save her tree with science. Sandy tries to come up with the perfect fertilizer to save her tree running into some failures in the beginning before finding the perfect one.

Sandy then sprays her new fertilizer over her tree and, in seconds, lots of acorns fall and they are even bigger in size. Sandy tries to store away all of the acorns and decides to call SpongeBob for help. Sandy asks SpongeBob to dump the acorns somewhere else. SpongeBob then takes the acorns in a wheelbarrow to a different land and dumps them over a cliff. Suddenly, someone yells at SpongeBob to stop and the man introduces himself as The Shalmon. He asks why SpongeBob is dumping his acorns on his land and SpongeBob says he is helping out Sandy. The Shalmon says that the acorns are meant to be eaten and gives SpongeBob his book.

Later, SpongeBob tells Sandy what The Shalmon told him and Sandy agrees to make her acorns into food. After looking through a cookbook, Sandy decides to make Nutty Butter. SpongeBob and Patrick enjoy eating the Nutty Butter and Sandy gives them plenty to take home. Sandy is relieved to have cleared out her room of all of the acorns, but is soon greeted by a crowd wanting Nutty Butter. The people had tasted the Nutty Butter from Patrick and they all want some as well. Sandy, not wanting to let anyone down, decides to grow some more acorns to make more Nutty Butter.

The Nutty Butter is a huge hit all over Bikini Bottom with Sandy even making a machine that expels her fertilizer onto her tree producing more acorns. Sandy takes out more Nutty Butter to her customers while SpongeBob and Patrick continue working. SpongeBob notices Sandy's tree not looking good but Patrick says that nothing is wrong. Soon, the acorns stop falling and when Patrick pokes the tree, it starts to crack up and even all of the leaves fall off. SpongeBob tells Patrick that they must do something and Patrick decides to make more Nutty Butter himself. As Sandy enters back into her treedome to get more Nutty Butter, she notices her tree is looking bad. When Sandy hears Patrick used up all of the acorns, she decides to give it some more fertilizer. However, SpongeBob tells Sandy that it isnt a good idea and, suddenly, the Shalmon appears agreeing with SpongeBob. He then tells a story where he explains that Sandy shouldn't ask so much from her one tree. Sandy decides to give her tree natural fertilizer from Texas and the Shalmon decides to leave with his work being done.


Vincent Waller confirmed this episode on Twitter on April 20, 2016[6].


  • "Nutmare" is a pun on the word "nightmare."
  • In this episode, Sandy has pink karate gloves. Usually, her gloves are green.
  • Lou appears in a cameo in this epsiode, in the back of the bus. This is his first appearance since "You Don't Know Sponge."

Cultural References

  • This episode's plot is similar to that of Dr. Seuss' book The Lorax. In both stories, a character produces a successful product using resources from trees, and the trees suffer as a result.


  • The Shalmon is seen in Sandy's treedome without a water helmet, when he should have needed one to breathe. The same thing happens to Patrick, where he takes off his water helmet to eat the nutty butter.
  • Fred is missing in the crowd when Patrick appears, but after they go to the wide shot he appears again.
  • Buddy is shown three times in the second crowd shot.

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 9th Season


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