Santa Claus is a traditional, secular figure of Christmas good cheer, generally depicted as a jolly fat, old man in a red suit. Other nations have their own variations, such as Father Christmas in England and Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. Santa has appeared in several Nickelodeon Christmas specials over the years, portrayed by different actors each time. Nickelodeon characters have sometimes felt the urge to don the familiar beard as well.

Santa Claus as a character

Picture Performer Production Notes
SantaClaus Rugrats
Neil Ross Rugrats: "The Santa Experience"
Rocko sucking santa
Rocko's Modern Life: "A Sucker For the Suck-O-Matic" When Rocko tries using the Suck-O-Matic to clean his chimney, he ends up vacuuming Santa and his reindeer.
Santa AllThat
All That: Episode 225: Run DMC At the beginning of the episode, Santa visits the greenroom, where the cast members tell him what they want for Christmas. Later, he appears in an Adventures of Superdude sketch in which he gets captured by Milkman, but is fortunately rescued by Superdude.
Santa in Merry Christmas Kenan
Kenan and Kel: "Merry Christmas, Kenan" At the end of the episode, Santa brings Kenan the Roadblazer Deluxe Elite mountain bike that he wanted.
Santa with CatDog
Brian Doyle-Murray CatDog: "A Very CatDog Christmas"
Michael Bell SpongeBob SquarePants: "Christmas Who?" A live-action Santa flies over Bikini Bottom after Squidward finds a note from him.
Tom Arnold (Corporate Santa); Kevin Michael Richardson (Magic Santa) The Fairly OddParents According to "Christmas Every Day!", Santa has the image and personality of a corporate CEO outside of Christmas. Every Christmas Eve, all the fairies transfer their magic to him, transforming him into his more familiar jolly appearance. However, he is always depicted in his familiar jolly form in all of his later appearances on the show (including "Merry Wishmas").
Howie Dorough Dora the Explorer: "A Present for Santa" The Backstreet Boys member voiced Santa in the first Christmas episode of the Nick Jr. animated series.
Santa in Nick Holiday Party
Merry Nickmas: "Holiday Party" Based loosely off of the version from the Rankin/Bass special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, he is referred to as St. Nick as a direct reference to the channel's name and laughs to the tune of the Nickelodeon jingle.
Santa with Jimmy Neutron
Mel Brooks The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: "Holly Jolly Jimmy" Santa is shown to be a supergenius much like Jimmy.
2014-08-08 12.46.04 pm
Pat Fraley My Life as a Teenage Robot: "A Robot for All Seasons"
2014-08-08 02.50.47 pm
Conan O'Brian The Backyardigans: "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" Although never seen, Snappy the elf talks to Santa by cell phone.
2014-08-08 02.53.58 pm
Kevin Michael Richardson Back at the Barnyard: "It's an Udderful Life" Santa comes down with a case of ferret fever.
Matthew W. Taylor T.U.F.F. Puppy In T.U.F.F. Puppy, Santa is depicted as an anthropomorphic polar bear.
Santa in Its a SpongeBob Christmas
John Goodman SpongeBob SquarePants: "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" Unlike in the first SpongeBob Christmas special, Santa is depicted as resembling an anthropomorphic "sea pig".
Santa in A Fairly Odd Christmas
Donavon Stinson A Fairly Odd Christmas As this movie is a follow-up to The Fairly OddParents, this Santa is meant to be the same version from the show.

Characters dressing as Santa Claus

Picture Character Production Notes
Mister Kanck as Santa
Mr. Knack Christmas at Eureeka's Castle Mr. Knack dresses up as Santa for the castle's Christmas play.
Chas as Santa
Chas Finster Rugrats: "The Santa Experience" Chuckie Finster's dad dresses up as Santa to show his son that Santa isn't scary.
Doug Christmas shot
Porkchop Doug: "Doug's Christmas Story"
Kenan as Santa
Kenan Rockmore Kenan & Kel: "Merry Christmas, Kenan" Kenan gets a job as a department store Santa (after the original employee has an accident) so he can get enough money to buy a mountain bike.
Squidward as Santa
Squidward Tentacles SpongeBob SquarePants: "Christmas Who?" After SpongeBob is unhappy that Santa did not come to Bikini Bottom for Christmas, Squidward (who previously refused to believe in Santa) dresses up as Santa to cheer him up and ends up giving away everything in his house.
Timmy in sleigh
Timmy Turner The Fairly OddParents: "Christmas Every Day!" Timmy wears a Santa suit as he sings "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day".
Lou Pickles as Santa
Lou Pickles Rugrats: "Babies In Toyland" Grandpa Lou plays the role of Santa at the Christmasland park after Angelica drives away the man previously hired to play Santa.
Rudy as Santa
Rudy Tabootie ChalkZone: "When Santas Collide"
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Hilly Burford Back at the Barnyard: "It's an Udderful Life" Hilly dresses up as St. Nick and hands out toast.
No Image
Timmy Turner The Fairly OddParents: "Operation: Dinkleberg" Timmy disguises himself as Santa when infiltrating Sheldon Dinkleberg's house.
The Chief as Santa Chief Herbert Dumbrowski T.U.F.F. Puppy: "A Doomed Christmas" The Chief plays Santa at T.U.F.F.'s Christmas party.
The Chameleon The Chameleon disguises himself as Santa and tricks the agents of T.U.F.F. into letting him use one of their transport tubes so he, Snaptrap, and Bird Brain can get to the North Pole.
Timmy's parents in A Fairly Odd Christmas
Mr. Turner A Fairly Odd Christmas Timmy's dad appears to be working as a Salvation Army Santa, with Mrs. Turner assisting him.
Timmy as Santa
Timmy Turner After accidentally injuring the real Santa, the now-23-year-old Timmy has to fill in for him.
Cosmo and Wanda in Santa suits
Cosmo and Wanda Timmy's fairy godparents are shown wearing Santa costumes during the party at the end.
Lisa's photo of "Santa"
Mr. Grouse The Loud House: "11 Louds a Leapin'" The Louds' crotchety neighbor, in gratitude for them making his Christmas happy, dresses as Santa to leave gifts for them, including giving his old sled to Lincoln.
No Image
Mr. Grouse The Loud House: "The Whole Picture" Mr. Grouse dresses as Santa again to help Lincoln re-shoot a photo of a past visit to Santa.


  • In The Ren & Stimpy Show episode "An Abe Divided", Stimpy mistakes the Lincoln Memorial for Santa Claus and reads his Christmas list to it.
  • In the Rugrats episode "The Blizzard", the Rugrats imagine themselves trekking through the North Pole in search of Santa, because they need him to fix Chuckie's broken fire truck.


The following actors, who have appeared in Nickelodeon productions, have portrayed Santa in other film or television appearances.

  • Dee Bradley Baker voiced Santa in the Christmas episodes of Codename: Kids Next Door and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Clancy Brown voiced Santa in Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! (2009)
  • Gilbert Gottfried voiced Santa in Billy and Mandy Save Christmas (2005).
  • Frank Welker voiced Santa in A Chipmunk Christmas (1981) and Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas (1992).

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