The Loud House
"Save the Date"
Season 1, Episode 15B
Original air date: August 4, 2016
Written by: Karla Sakas Shropshire
Directed by: Chris Savino
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"Save the Date" is the second segment of the fifteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln's classmates find one of Ronnie Anne's love notes to him and tease him about them being a couple. Lincoln vehemently denies the idea of Ronnie Anne being his girlfriend and insults her. Unfortunately, Ronnie Anne (making her first onscreen appearance after only being mentioned in "Heavy Meddle") is right behind him when he says this and storms off with a broken heart. Lincoln brushes this off, thinking that Ronnie Anne will get over it quickly. But when he arrives home from school, Lori is furious with him because he made Ronnie Anne cry, and as a result, her older brother, Bobby, has broken up with Lori. Lincoln offers to call Ronnie Anne on the phone and apologize, but Lori insists that he has to do it in person and in front of Bobby, so she has arranged for them to have a double date at Jean Juan's French-Mex Buffet.

Lincoln Ronnie Anne kiss

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne kissing.

At the restaurant, Lincoln tries to make small talk with Ronnie, all the while Clyde, disguised as a waiter, tries unsuccessfully to sabotage Lori and Bobby's reconciliation. Eventually, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne find themselves bonding over how embarrassing they find their respective older siblings' relationship to be, and Lincoln finally does apologize for hurting Ronnie's feelings, much to the delight of Lori and Bobby. Just then, however, Lincoln's classmates who were teasing him at the beginning of the episode show up at the restaurant. With help from Clyde, he attempts to escape without them seeing him. Unfortunately, he is soon caught by his peers, who figure out that he is on a date with Ronnie Anne. Attempting to save face, Lincoln insists he is not, using the same harsh words as before, but again, Ronnie Anne hears him saying this and is heartbroken, and Bobby dumps Lori again. Lincoln pulls up a pedestal and tells Ronnie that he actually does like her, and then shows it by kissing her in plain sight of everyone, while Lori and Bobby happily reunite.

The next day, Lincoln's classmates continue to tease him about his and Ronnie Anne's relationship when she suddenly storms in and slaps him across the face, seemingly breaking up with him. Lincoln's classmates promptly stop teasing him and offer him their condolences. After they leave, Ronnie Anne then tosses an ice bag to Lincoln with an attached note letting him know that she was faking the break-up so his friends would stop teasing him, which he appreciates.

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