The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
"Send in the Clones"
Season 2, Episode 31B
Send in the Clones (Title Card)
Production code: 213B
Original air date: March 8, 2004
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"Maternotron Knows Best" "The Great Egg Heist"
"Send in the Clones" is the second segment of the 31st episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Jimmy makes clones of himself in order to avoid his chores, but the clones make trouble, making Jimmy take the blame and the citizens of Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Nick, Jimmy's grandma and some random citizen become really upset with Jimmy. Jimmy rounds up the clones and clears his name, but the evil one escapes and vows to return.


  • There are six clones, but Jimmy was only given five chores.
  • This is the only time Carl and Sheen get mad at Jimmy, even though Jimmy himself did nothing wrong.
  • The clones were voiced by Rob Paulsen and Jeff Bennett.
  • Jimmy's evil clone returns in the episode The Trouble With Clones.

Home video releases

  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: The Best of Season 2
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