Danny Phantom
"Shades of Gray"
Season 1, Episode 10
Original air date: September 24, 2004
Written by: Sib Ventress
Steve Marmel
Directed by: Wincat Alcala
Butch Hartman
Julie Hashiguchi
Episode chronology
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"My Brother's Keeper" "Fanning the Flames"
"Two-hundred seventy-nine girls in our school, and he's gotta have a crush on the one with the weapons and the grudge."
―Danny regarding Tucker's crush on Valerie

"Shades of Gray" is the tenth episode of Danny Phantom.


Danny is having difficulty with a ghost dog that causes trouble every time it appears. Within the Axion building, the ghost dog goes out of control and the security system, designed by Valerie Gray's father, was ineffective in stopping the ghost dog from destroying the lab. As Valerie's life turns upside down because of Danny Phantom, a generous benefactor (later revealed to be Vlad Plasmius) helps Valerie with her revenge on Danny Phantom by turning her into a ghost hunter.

Home video releases

  • Danny Phantom: Season 1 (both versions)
  • Danny Phantom: The Complete Series

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