Shifu's father, Shirong (born June 2, 1925 age 87) is otherwise good and loving toward his son, but he is greedy, a trickster, and a con-artist. Because of this, Shifu never really got along with him.

When his son was 12 years old, he took Shifu to the Jade Palace. He told Shifu he'd be back in five minutes. The red panda boy waited for days, but his father never returned. Then Oogway found him and took him in. The yound red panda was trained in kung fu. He gradually began to form a bond with the old tortoise master, and eventually they became best friends, loving each other like father and son. Shifu decided to live with Oogway for the rest of his life and devote himself to kung fu. 

Surely enough, exactly 10 years after being abandoned, Shifu saw his father again under a terrible circumstance-Shirong snuck to the Jade Palace with a large gold sword and stole items. This enraged Shifu and Oogway both greatly, and they both continued to hold a grudge against the conman.

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