Skeeter Walker is the title character of the Nickelodeon series Cousin Skeeter. He is a puppet who was voiced by Bill Bellamy.


Skeeter is a loud-mouthed, reckless ladies' man, impulsive, daredevil, a DJ, scheming and a puppet (but no one never mentions it). Skeeter appears to have saved celebrities' life like MC Lyte, Michael Jordan, Leroy "Two-Tone" Jefferson, and Dennis Rodman. He gets angry when he geys teased by his extreme shortness (the closest thing he gets to acknowledgement as a puppet). He used to live in Atantla, GA. Skeeter seems to own a white bat. Skeeter is the one always getting hurt during situations or when he does stunts. Skeeter is the one to always cause the problem on every episode. Skeeter seems to be popular. Skeeter is a huge fan of the fictional band, The Candies as he has all of their merchandise and a cartoon known as "Regina Soul Sister of Justice" which Nina likes too. Skeeter has a big crush on Nicole (who is a puppet, too). Skeeter seems to always have a good plan to get him, Bobby, Nina, and Nicole out of trouble, but sometimes fail.