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Skipper is
the leader of the four commando penguins living in the Central Park Zoo in the Madagascar movies and the series. Of the four, he is by far the best at fighting. He is shorter than Kowalski and Rico and taller than Private.


In the films, the penguins are seperate from Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman, attending to their own seperate agenda. Skipper led the others penguins in a wild plan to dig a tunnel to Antartica and escape the zoo. On their first atempt, they ended up in Marty's habitat. Skipper explained to Marty that penguins didn't belong in a zoo and that they belonged in the wild. The team resumed tunneling and were later caught in Grand Central Station with Gloria, Marty, Alex and Melman, who had also left the zoo. Skipper and his crew were tranquilzed and put on the next cargo ship to an African Game Preserve.

When he woke up, Skipper had Phil and Mason the chimpanzees translate the shipping crate label to find out where his team was headed. He refused to be sent to Africa and ordered Rico pick the lock. They then procceded to knock out the crew and set a new course for Antartica. Upon their arrival to the barren wasteland, Skiper quickly turned the ship around and landed on Madagascar.

When the penguins arrived, Gloria and Melman convinced Skipper to help them save Marty and Alex from the fossa. Skipper and his team attacked the fossa so Marty and Alex could be saved. Back on the beach, Skipper had Rico prepare some sushi for a very hungry Alex, who had gone insane without fresh meat. Skipper then gave Alex the ship to sail back to New York while he and his team relaxed in the sun. When Alex and the rest were about to shove off, Private asked if Skipper should tell them the boat had no gas. Skipper only smiled and told his team "Smile and wave, boys, smile and wave."

In the sequel, the penguins resolved to return to New York with Alex and the rest, but this time by plane. The plane crash-landed in an African Game Preserve (probably the one they were supposed to go to when the esacped from the zoo) and had to be repaired with the help of Mason and Phil, the zoo chimps and their wild cousins. At the end of the film, Skipper marries a bobblehead doll.

Over the course of the series, many of Skipper's secrets are revealed.

Needle Point: it is revealed he can't stand needles.

Eclisped: he mentions his archenemy Dr. Blowhole, etc.

The doll is never seen or mentioned in the series.


Skipper is tough around the edges but can be a real softie. From all his years in the commando world, he can be paranoid and stubborn about his opinions and theories. His paranoia episodes are often considered to be over-the-top to the rest of his team.

Skipper's archenemy is Dr. Blowhole, a mad solphin scientist obsessed with ruling the world. It is unknown how he and the penguins became enemies. Skipper is also banned from Denmark, and was made public enemy number 1 in a mysterious incedent in Copenhagen between himself and a puffin named Hans.

He has a short fuse and will scream when upset. King Julien is often the cause of his anger. While Skipper depends on teamwork and wants everything quiet and under control, Julien is spoiled, self-centered and throws all night parties. Nevertheless, Skipper will come to the lemur's rescue when he has to.

Skipper can be tender when he needs to be.He is fiercely protective of his team, often shielding them with his flippers when an unknown threat attacks. He has hugged them all at least once, and will often show his affection by slapping them high fives. He also has a soft spot for Marlene the otter, a close friend of his.

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