Skipper is the leader of the four commando penguins living in the Central Park Zoo in the Madagascar movies and the series. Of the four, he is by far the best at fighting. He is shorter than Kowalski and Rico and taller than Private.


Skipper is tough around the edges but can be a real softie. From all his years in the commando world, he can be paranoid and stubborn about his opinions and theories. His paranoia episodes are often considered to be over-the-top to the rest of his team.

Skipper's archenemy is Dr. Blowhole, a mad solphin scientist obsessed with ruling the world. It is unknown how he and the penguins became enemies. Skipper is also banned from Denmark, and was made public enemy number 1 in a mysterious incedent in Copenhagen between himself and a puffin named Hans.

He has a short fuse and will scream when upset. King Julien is often the cause of his anger. While Skipper depends on teamwork and wants everything quiet and under control, Julien is spoiled, self-centered and throws all night parties. Nevertheless, Skipper will come to the lemur's rescue when he has to.

Skipper can be tender when he needs to be.He is fiercely protective of his team, often shielding them with his flippers when an unknown threat attacks. He has hugged them all at least once, and will often show his affection by slapping them high fives. He also has a soft spot for Marlene the otter, a close friend of his.