"Smart Attack!" is the first segment of the seventy-second episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy is frustratingly trying to figure out his geography homework. His dad tries helping out but mistakes it for geometry and geology. Noting just how dumb his dad is, Timmy wishes that he was the smartest dad on Earth. Instantly, Timmy's dad gains ultimate intellect and Albert Einstein-type hair and quickly finishes Timmy's homework.

Timmy's dad wakes him up at 5:30 in the morning to home-school him. However, in each lesson, he begins to observe Timmy's fish, aka, fairy godparents. When they try acting like real fish, Cosmo says, "Moo" instead of "Bloop". This intrigues Timmy's dad. But instead of figuring out that it's magic, Timmy's dad concludes that his fish must be superfish. He then sends a nano-camera into the magic castle, finding it bigger on the inside, which he concludes must be the work of nanobots. Though Timmy tries making him swear to keep this a secret, his dad decides to show everyone at the Dimmsdale Science Symposium his fish's vocal cords. While trying to dissect his fairies, Timmy pleads with his dad not to do it, for they're his pets and he loves them. Realizing that his child's happiness is more important that the interests of others, Timmy's dad decides to abstain from dissection. When he asks the other scientists to understand, they, and a few robots, explode. Timmy then wishes his dad back to normal. He then actviate the dissecting mechanism which creates a hole in the floor that he falls into. He then notes "I think I broke my eureka!".

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