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Sony Wonder logo

The Sony Wonder logo seen on Nickelodeon videos released from 1993-1995.

Sony Wonder

The Sony Wonder logo seen on Nickelodeon videos released from 1995-1996.

Sony Wonder (founded as Sony Kids' Music) is a children and family's music and home video arm of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, founded in 1991 as a branch of Sony Music Entertainment. They acquired the video and music distribution rights to Nickelodeon shows on July 6, 1993. They would release videos and soundtrack albums of the shows from then until 1996, two years after Viacom's purchase of Paramount Pictures. After Sony Wonder's deal with Nickelodeon expired, Nickelodeon videos from then on were mainly distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution (and CIC Video internationally until 1999).

Although Sony Wonder no longer distributes Nickelodeon videos and albums, current album releases under the Nick Records label are now distributed by Sony Music Entertainment.

Video releases

Several of Sony Wonder's Nickelodeon videos would be re-released by Paramount Home Video after the license moved to that company. These particular releases are marked with an asterisk.


Live-action shows

Nick Jr. shows

Compilation videos

Album releases

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