Harbor City
The Southern Water Tribe is an independent state at the South Pole and the southern division of the Water Tribes. A federation of several smaller tribes, the South is ruled by a Council of Elders, who also elect the tribe's chief. The Southern Water Tribe achieved its independence only after the Water Tribe Civil War in 171 AG; before, the tribe had been an autonomous tribal confederation under the Northern Water Tribe's jurisdiction. The South is a major economical power, with its people mostly living in its coastal capital and several villages nearby. The people of the Southern Water Tribe are modern, progressive, and focused on commerce and trade, but lack in spirituality.

The Southern Water Tribe had an eventful history and saw times of prosperity and freedom as well as decline and genocide. Before theHundred Year War, the South was thriving and had a unique culture andwaterbending style. After a series of brutal Fire Nation raids, however, the South Pole was left devastated and almost without any waterbenders. By 99 AG, the Southern Water Tribe was on the brink of extinction, with its culture shattered, its main city largely abandoned, and its unique waterbending style effectively erased. This changed when Katara andSokka discovered Avatar Aang in 99 AG and began to travel together with him in order to end the war and save the world.

After this group's involvement in the Siege of the North, the Northern Water Tribe administrated a relief effort led by Master Pakku, who brought along a number of warriors, waterbenders, and healers to aid in the Southern tribe's redevelopment. This mission proved to be successful, resulting in political rapprochement between the two tribes. Nevertheless, after the North began to undermine the South's traditional autonomy, resentment grew among Southern tribesmen that eventually escalated into a civil war that Avatar Korra ended with the South's independence

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