Sparky was a main character on The Fairly OddParents in the show's ninth season. He was a talking fairy dog adopted by Timmy Turner in the premiere episode of the season. However, due to negative reception by the public, he was quietly dropped from the show in the next season.[1]


He first appeared in "Fairly OddPet". Timmy noticed that he was the only one in Dimmsdale without a pet so he managed to convince his Dad to let him have a dog. Cosmo and Wanda poofed Timmy to the Fairy World pet store due to the fact that he was banned from all the regular pet stores. There, he picks out Sparky and they soon poof home although Sparky causes many problems. Sparky later overhears Timmy talking to Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof about how he wants to drop Sparky back off at the pet store, causing him to run away. Sparky is later found in Timmy's backyard when the Dimmsdale dam breaks causing Sparky to fall into the water. Timmy saves him and he promises Sparky he'll never give up on him again.



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