"Special Delivery" is the second segment of the eighth episode of Rugrats.


Stu ordered a doll from Eggbert Toys, his competitor, so he could check out their doll, "Tina Trousers",  as a comparison to the doll he's making, "Patty Pants". Thinking that Tommy is getting a new baby in a mail, he hitches a ride with the postman to the post office.


  • It is unknown why Betty brought Chuckie along with Phil and Lil, considering that Chuckie is not her child (it is a possibility that the Pickles were babysitting all the kids and Betty picked up Chuckie from Chas in order to drop him off).
  • This is the first time it is mentioned that Stu has rivals.
  • Chuckie mentions that his mother says that babies come from the hospital, but later in the series, Chuckie's mom is revealed to have died. At this point, the writers had not yet decided whether Chuckie's mom would be alive, or if his parents were divorced.

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  • Rugrats: Season 1