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SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants Season 1
SpongeBob Season 1 DVD original version
The original cover to the DVD release.
Original run: May 1, 1999 – April 8, 2000
# of episodes: 41
DVD release: October 28, 2003
Next season: 2

This is a list of episodes from season one of the Nickelodeon animated television comedy, SpongeBob SquarePants.

The first season of SpongeBob SquarePants originally premiered on May 1, 1999 with the episodes "Help Wanted", "Reef Blower", and "Tea at the Treedome", and ended on April 8, 2000 with "Hooky" and "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II". The season consisted of twenty episodes. The DVD for the season was released in Regions 1, 2, and 4 on respectively:

  • Region 1: October 28, 2003
  • Region 2: November 7, 2005
  • Region 4: November 30, 2006

The pilot episode, "Help Wanted", was not included on the DVD due to copyright issues, however, it was included as a bonus feature on a Season 3's DVD.

This was the only season of SpongeBob SquarePants to include traditional cel animation; the next season began the newer process of digital ink and paint.

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Title card # Title Airdate
Help Wanted 1a "Help Wanted" 1 May 1999
"Help Wanted" is the very first SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one, usually referred to as the SpongeBob SquarePants pilot episode. The episode starts out with a French narrator, who introduces Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob wants to work at the local fast food restaurant, "The Krusty Krab", and with a little help from Patrick the starfish, his best friend, he applies for the job. Knowing that SpongeBob wants the job, and not wanting him there, Squidward the octopus, SpongeBob's neighbor, tells Mr. Krabs, the owner of the restaurant, that SpongeBob does not qualify for the job. They decide that he must prove himself by fetching a "hydrodynamic spatula with port and starboard attachments, and turbo drive." In the meantime, The Krusty Krab is flooded by a large group of hungry anchovies. SpongeBob returns with the spatula and triumphantly feeds every last anchovy, successfully getting the job.
Reef Blower 1b "Reef Blower" 1 May 1999
Squidward walks outside to see a small clam in his yard. Wanting the yard to look perfect, he puts the clam in SpongeBob's yard. SpongeBob tries to blow it away with a reef blower, an underwater leaf blower. He ends up having a battle and at the end, not only does Squidward have a messy yard but he has the tiny clam in his yard again.
Tea at the Treedome 1c "Tea at the Treedome" 1May 1999
SpongeBob meets a squirrel named Sandy who is being attacked by a giant clam. When SpongeBob realizes that the squirrel was in trouble he starts to fight the clam. After rescuing Sandy, SpongeBob tries to impress her by telling her he breathes air. The only problem is that he doesn't know what air is. Sandy invites him over to her treedome, and he can't say no. SpongeBob goes to Patrick to ask him what "air" is. Patrick concludes that "air" is fancy talk, alluding to the phrase "putting on airs". Patrick gives him useless tips on how to be fancy, such as "when in doubt, pinkie out" and SpongeBob goes on over for some tea and cookies. However, SpongeBob doesn't know that there's no water in Sandy's house and slowly starts to dry out and shrivel up as he desperately searches for water. Patrick comes in to tell him he is not being fancy enough and they both shrivel up. Sandy comes up with the solution of water-filled helmets for them both. When she realize the helmets prevent them from drinking out of a cup, she puts the teabags in their helmets. Spongebob and Patrick then fancily sip the tea with their "pinkies out."
Bubblestand 2a "Bubblestand" 17 July 1999
SpongeBob and Patrick open a stand for blowing bubbles and lessons for blowing bubbles, each for 25 cents. After Squidward hears them making noise by blowing bubbles, he comes out of his house and reprimands them. After SpongeBob and Patrick leave, Squidward decides to blow a bubble but they immediately come back and catch Squidward, forcing him to pay 25 cents. After Squidward fails to blow a bubble many times, SpongeBob tells him to follow the technique, but Squidward initially refuses. After failing several more times, Squidward finally attempts SpongeBob's technique and it works. Squidward blows a huge bubble which eventually engulfs his house and takes it to the skies with himself in it. It eventually pops and Squidward's house floats back down to its original position.
Ripped Pants 2b "Ripped Pants" 17 July 1999
After Larry the Lobster asks Sandy if she wants to go lift weights, SpongeBob tries to impress Sandy. At Mussel Beach, SpongeBob bends down to pick up the "weight" and accidentally rips his pants. He is embarrassed until Scooter tells him that it was hilarious. After purposely ripping his pants several more times, he takes it a little too far by pretending to drown. After Sandy gets angry at him, she leaves to go with Larry. SpongeBob then makes a song concert with other unfortunate beach guys to tell her how he really feels in order to get her back.
  • The song "Ripped Pants" was produced by the Hot Olives, a group that occasionally opened for the Beach Boys.
  • First Appearance: Larry the Lobster, Scooter, Perch Perkins, Harold

Absent: Patrick Star (Bill Fagerbakke), Mr. Krabs (Clancy Brown), Squidward Tentacles (Rodger Bumpass).

Jellyfishing 3a "Jellyfishing" 31 July 1999
When SpongeBob and Patrick find that Squidward is recovering from a bicycling accident, they take him jellyfishing and are determined to make his first day back from the hospital his "best day ever". Unfortunately, their good intentions wreak havoc on Squidward's recovery efforts. Squidward catches a jellyfish but then the jellyfish's mother emerges and stings them tremendously. The next day, SpongeBob and Patrick give Squidward, who is now in a body cast, the jellyfish he originally caught. Squidward lets it loose and it stings SpongeBob and Patrick multiple times as they run away. Squidward laughs but the big jellyfish returns and stings him again, breaking off his body cast.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick sing The Blue Danube when showing Squidward how to jellyfish.
Plankton! 3b "Plankton!" 31 July 1999
It's mass chaos at the Krusty Krab when Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula for his own restaurant, the Chum Bucket. But as usual, Mr. Krabs stops him. That night, Plankton tries to con SpongeBob into giving him the formula. When he doesn't, Plankton has to go to his last resort - controlling SpongeBob's mind. Plankton gets just inches away from getting the secret formula by trying to make him drop it into a machine that tells him the exact ingredients. But SpongeBob ends up tricking him into trapping himself in his own machine.
Naughty Nautical Neighbors 4a "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" 7 August 1999
When SpongeBob and Patrick are communicating through bubbles, Squidward is preparing a cake for himself to eat. But he gets mad due the interruptions and decides to also communicate with bubbles to insult them through the bubbles, making them break their friendship. When they both make him their friend and begin to excessively spend time with him, Squidward devises a plan to get them back together, but things only ended worse, making his house to be destroyed.
Boating School 4b "Boating School" 7 August 1999
SpongeBob has to go to boating school as he continues to fail his driving test. He shares this news with Patrick, and Patrick decides to give SpongeBob instructions during the test via walkie-talkie. He wears a ten-gallon hat on his head to hide the protruding antenna. SpongeBob almost passes but he ends up revealing that he is cheating. This causes SpongeBob to run the boat off the road, effectively failing the test.
Pizza Delivery 5a "Pizza Delivery" 14 August 1999
and deliver a pizza. A customer asks for a pizza from the Krusty Krab, so Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob and Squidward to deliver it. Squidward tells SpongeBob to back up the delivery boat, but instead, he panics and throws the boat into reverse, speeding backwards into the distance. Unfortunately, the boat runs out of gas and the two cannot find their way back to Bikini Bottom while on foot. After using SpongeBob's pioneering skills, they finally reach the customer's house. But the customer gets mad because he didn't get the drink that he ordered and refuses to buy the pizza, blasting SpongeBob for this "crime". Feeling sorry for a heartbroken SpongeBob, Squidward slams the pizza in the customer's face and they both return to the Krusty Krab after the "successful" delivery.
Home Sweet Pineapple 5b "Home Sweet Pineapple" 14 August 1999
Nematodes come to town and eat SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob unwillingly decides to move back with his parents. Squidward happily agrees but Patrick does everything he can to keep him from leaving. After all of their plans fail to work, SpongeBob's parents arrive to take him to their home. Squidward dances with joy on the spot where SpongeBob's house used to be. As a last momento, SpongeBob puts what he thinks is a pebble in the ground where the house used to be. The pebble, as it turns out, is actually a pineapple seed. After SpongeBob's tear falls on the seed, the ground starts to shake, and his house grows back with Squidward being stuck underneath of it.
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 6a "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" 21 August 1999
SpongeBob and Patrick discover that their favorite television superheroes, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, live in Shady Shoals, a retirement home on the other side of Bikini Bottom. They try to convince the crime-fighting duo to come out of retirement through several different tactics. As a last resort, SpongeBob pretends to be robbed by Patrick, and then paint their Invisible Boatmobile. Enraged by the constant annoyance, the duo attack SpongeBob and Patrick with several superpowers, which final one is summoning of all the people in the retirement home (who were once the creatures of the deep). They form an angry mob, then pick up SpongeBob and Patrick, making them think they're heroes, and throw them away. Ultimately, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy decide to come out of retirement.
Pickles 6b "Pickles" 21 August 1999
Bubble Bass, a picky overweight fish, comes to the Krusty Krab for a Krabby Patty. Bubble Bass says SpongeBob forgot the pickles, and SpongeBob loses his confidence to the point where he cannot even do simple tasks anymore. Mr. Krabs goes to SpongeBob's house and gives him the ingredients to a Krabby Patty. After three days of frustration, he successfully makes a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob returns to the Krusty Krab when Bubble Bass orders another Patty and he claims that there are still no pickles. SpongeBob discovers that Bubble Bass hid the pickles under his tongue, apparently just to humiliate SpongeBob, and he is chased out of the Krusty Krab.
Hall Monitor 7a "Hall Monitor" 28 August 1999
Mrs. Puff chooses SpongeBob to be hall monitor of the day at boating school. After accepting his role as hall monitor, SpongeBob spends the entire day giving an acceptance speech. Out of pity, Mrs. Puff allows SpongeBob to wear the uniform for the rest of the day, but he still thinks that he has all the responsibilities in Bikini Bottom. He sets out to aid the citizens but only ends up causing terror and chaos in town. A paperboy reports that a maniac is destroying the town, and, after a failed attempt to catch the maniac and causing more chaos, SpongeBob discovers that he is the maniac. As the police arrive, Mrs. Puff arrives and scolds SpongeBob, unwillingly taking the blame for SpongeBob's actions in the process and getting arrested in his place.
  • First Appearance: Boating Students
Jellyfish Jam 7b "Jellyfish Jam" 28 August 1999
SpongeBob brings home a wild jellyfish and throws a big party. However, the wild jellyfish continues to party, even after SpongeBob has gone to bed. More jellyfish come to the party, forcing SpongeBob to try and stop the party, but he fails. Squidward decides to play loudly on his clarinet, which makes the jellyfish angry and start stinging SpongeBob and Squidward. SpongeBob tries to throw out the CD player and the jellyfish try to take it back. They end up breaking it and the jellyfish get even more furious. Gary begins a rhythm with his eyes and the jellyfish begin to dance out to Jellyfish Fields.
Sandy's Rocket 8a "Sandy's Rocket" 4 September 1999
Sandy and SpongeBob plan on going to the moon (after he insisted and convinced her), but SpongeBob and Patrick decide to sneak into the rocket to "alien-proof" it. While doing so, they accidentally start up the rocket and crash-land back in Bikini Bottom. Thinking they are on the moon, they capture different inhabitants of Bikini Bottom, thinking they are the "aliens" and they can´t trust them. Patrick captures himself, thinking he is an alien. SpongeBob relaunches the rocket and successfully lands on the moon, thinking he has returned to Bikini Bottom. He soon realizes his mistake.
Squeaky Boots 8b "Squeaky Boots" 4 September 1999
Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob a pair of squeaky boots after his daughter, Pearl, refuses to take them. SpongeBob enjoys them and their squeaky sound so much that Mr. Krabs is driven crazy. Mr. Krabs hides the boots under the floorboards of the Krusty Krab. Still crazy and hearing the squeak in his mind, he ends up recovering the boots and eating the boots in order to stop the sound. In the end, as he decide to take some vacation, the boots cause Mr. Krabs to suffer from squeaky hiccups.
Nature Pants 9a "Nature Pants" 11 September 1999
SpongeBob decides he wants to live with jellyfish so he goes to Jellyfish Fields. Sandy and Patrick try to convince him to come home, but he claims that jellyfish fields is his home now, and after many failed attempts to convince him, they give up. SpongeBob finds a jellyfish nest and eats the jelly and, in response, the swarm of jellyfish sting him. Disheartened, but not giving up yet, SpongeBob attempts to sleep in a cave, only to be attacked by poison sea urchins. Finally realizing his error, and realizing the great life he gave up, SpongeBob returns home and is forgiven for his actions.
Opposite Day 9b "Opposite Day" 11 September 1999
Squidward wants to move away from his neighborhood, but realizes that nobody would want to live next to SpongeBob. He tells SpongeBob that it's Opposite Day, and they act the opposite of what they are on that day. Patrick and SpongeBob wreck the pineapple to make it clean for Opposite Day. Wanting his house to sell, Squidward starts fixing SpongeBob's house. Confused, SpongeBob decides that his opposite was Squidward. Patrick comes to the same conclusion and both dress to look like Squidward. SpongeBob and Patrick scare away the real estate agent that is trying to sell Squidward's house, preventing Squidward from moving away. In his anger, Squidward chases SpongeBob and Patrick with a bulldozer to show them how much he hates them (which is "love" on Opposite Day).
Culture Shock 10a "Culture Shock" 18 September 1999
When the Krusty Krab is losing customers, Squidward has the idea of hosting a talent show. SpongeBob wishes to be in it but instead, Squidward has him clean up after the show. The talent show has many people such as Pearl cheerleading, Gary reciting poetry, and Plankton performing prestidigitation, or magic tricks. Squidward does interpretive dance, hoping to become famous, he gets booed off the stage after being pelted with tomatoes. He tells SpongeBob to clean up the splattered tomatoes, for which the crowd cheers.
FUN 10b "F.U.N." 18 September 1999
SpongeBob is convinced that Plankton isn’t evil, just lonely, so he befriends him. They go frolicking in jellyfish fields singing the F.U.N. song. Karen convinces Plankton to use their new friendship as a means to get the Krabby Patty secret formula. Mr. Krabs realizes Plankton and Karen's plan and tries to convince SpongeBob, but he does not listen to him. SpongeBob and Plankton go to The Reef, a local cinema, where SpongeBob discovers Plankton stole a Krabby Patty. Plankton admits that he tricked SpongeBob to get the Krabby Patty and tries to escape with the Krabby Patty by running behind the film screen, but is stopped by the solid concrete wall.
  • First appearance: Karen.
MuscleBob BuffPants 11a "MuscleBob BuffPants" 25 September 1999
Since SpongeBob is too much of a wimp to work out, he orders blow-up muscle arms so he can seem strong, he even convince others that he got those results with a ridiculous exercise. The trick works until Sandy signs SpongeBob up for an anchor-throwing contest. SpongeBob's fake muscle arms could not hold up to the strength of the anchor so they burst under the pressure, disappointing all of audience. As an exercise regimine, Sandy makes SpongeBob flip through channels.
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost 11b "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost" 25 September 1999
SpongeBob and Patrick think they have killed Squidward because they find a shell loged in the head of a wax replica of him. When the real Squidward appears after taking a bath, he is covered in powder, causing SpongeBob and Patrick to think he is a ghost. Squidward makes them do everything he tells them to his biding so that he won't "haunt" them. SpongeBob wishes to put Squidward's ghost to rest after reading a book about the Flying Dutchman. He blows a bubble, engulfing Squidward and sending him to dry land.
The Chaperone 12a "The Chaperone" 2 October 1999
SpongeBob is asked to take Pearl to her school prom after she was dumped by her boyfriend. When they arrive, SpongeBob manages to ruin Pearl's experience, making him break down. Pearl, sad to see SpongeBob upset, gives him another chance. After making the evening better for Pearl, SpongeBob returns her home.
Employee of the Month 12b "Employee of the Month" 2 October 1999
SpongeBob gets scared that Squidward will win the Employee of the Month award and break his ongoing record of 26 consecutive wins. He and Squidward stay up all night and attempting to prevent the other from arriving to work on time. Trying to impress Mr. Krabs, the two employees end up destroying everything in the Krusty Krab.
Scaredy Pants 13a "Scaredy Pants" 28 October 1999
"Scardey Pants" is often considered the Halloween special episode.
SpongeBob wants to scare everybody in Bikini Bottom because they say he's too easily scared, so he dresses as the Flying Dutchman. SpongeBob is square so nobody is scared but are laughing. Patrick shaves the top of SpongeBob's body so that he has a rounded top. When SpongeBob gets to the Krusty Krab's Halloween party, he successfully scares everybody until Patrick throws him around on the rope. The real Flying Dutchman, offended by SpongeBob´s costume, comes to steal everyone's soul, but SpongeBob scares him and everyone else away by taking off his costume, showing his exposed brain.
I Was a Teenage Gary 13b "I Was a Teenage Gary" 28 October 1999
SpongeBob trusts Squidward to take good care of Gary while he goes to a jellyfishing convention. However, Squidward just abandons him. As SpongeBob returns, Squidward realizes that the snail has not eaten for three days and finds him sick. SpongeBob calls the veterinarian, who gives him a syringe containing snail plasma. The plasma is accidentally injected into SpongeBob's nose turning SpongeBob into a snail. Squidward runs in fear from the creature, accidentally injecting himself with snail plasma and turning into a snail himself.
SB-129 14a "SB-129" 31 December 1999
Squidward flees to the Krusty Krab in search of quiet from SpongeBob and Patrick but traps himself in the freezer. When he finally thaws, he finds himself 2,000 years in the future and is desperate to get back. He meets future descendants of SpongeBob and Patrick, who are several clones named Spongetron and a two-headed starfish name Patron, and asks them how to return to the past. They send Squidward to a time machine. He goes to the past and meets the ancestors of SpongeBob and Patrick. Squidward makes them jellyfishing nets, inventing the sport of jellyfishing. He returns to the time machine and accidentally breaks it, sending him somewhere that seems dimensionless and timeless. He breaks through whatever is beneath him, landing in the time machine and promptly returns him to his own time period.
Karate Choppers 14b "Karate Choppers" 31 December 1999
SpongeBob and Sandy are practicing karate, but Mr. Krabs forbids him from using karate as it prevents him from working for a longer time. Sandy fights him, but SpongeBob does not fight back because Mr. Krabs would fire him. Sandy does not believe him and SpongeBob is fired. After a bit of explaining, he gets a second chance at keeping his job. Sandy and SpongeBob later went to the park where they are tempted into fighting again. Mr. Krabs catches them, but instead of firing SpongeBob, he makes him use karate-chops to make Krabby Patties.
Sleepy Time 15a "Sleepy Time" 17 January 2000
When SpongeBob goes to sleep, his consciousness ventures into his friend's dreams. He ends up drastically changing them, and they all wake up angry at him.
The Suds 15b "Suds" 17 January 2000
SpongeBob tries to fall asleep but fails; he decides that eating would help, but he accidentally leaves the refrigerator door open. He gets a bad case of the "suds" from his open refrigerator, a disease that makes him sneeze bubbles out of his pores. He tells Patrick about the problem and Patrick advises him not to go the doctor; he decides to be SpongeBob's doctor. Meanwhile, Sandy attempts to bring SpongeBob to a real doctor. When SpongeBob finally arrives at the hospital, he receives the quick, painless treatment for the suds.
Valentine's Day 16a "Valentine's Day" 14 February 2000
"Valentine's Day" is an episode about SpongeBob and Sandy set up a Valentine's Day treat for Patrick, a hot-air balloon made completely of chocolate at a Valentine's-Day-themed park. Unfortunately, their plan goes wrong and SpongeBob is forced to give Patrick a handshake. Patrick snaps after SpongeBob didn't give him a real gift and tries to tear him apart. After the park is destroyed, SpongeBob's gift arrives and Patrick becomes friends with SpongeBob and Sandy again.
The Paper 16b "The Paper" 14 February 2000
Squidward unwraps a piece of gum, throwing the wrapper away. SpongeBob rescues it and uses it as a source of entertainment. Squidward decides that he wants the paper back and trades everything he owns with SpongeBob for the paper. After receiving the paper, Squidward does not enjoy the wrapper like he thought he would.
Arrgh! 17a "Arrgh!" 15 March 2000
SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs play a board game based on the Legend of the Flying Dutchman. Mr. Krabs likes the game so much that he wants to go on a real treasure hunt. After several mistakes in trying to find the treasure, the crew is about ready to give up when they pitch a tent. Mr. Krabs goes to bed for the night and SpongeBob and Patrick find the "map", which is actually the board game, and end up really finding the treasure.
Rock Bottom 17b "Rock Bottom" 15 March 2000
After a delightful day at Glove World, SpongeBob and Patrick take the wrong bus home and end up in Rock Bottom. Here, the fish speak in a different dialect, making it difficult for SpongeBob to communicate. SpongeBob stands in line for the bus schedule when the next bus comes, taking Patrick home. SpongeBob then misses all of the buses for the rest of the night, and gets scared. An angler fish helps SpongeBob return home by over-inflating his balloon.
Texas 18a "Texas" 22 March 2000
Sandy is homesick. SpongeBob is determined to cheer her up by organizing a surprise, Texas-themed party at the Krusty Krab. However, when they go to fetch Sandy, she is leaving Bikini Bottom to go to Texas and they desperately try to get her to stay. After much frustration from Sandy because SpongeBob and Patrick insult Texas, all three manage to make it back to the Krusty Krab, where the surprise party is, with such activities as square dancing, barbecue, and pecan pie (they showed parodies such as dancing while holding a square box for square dancing, a prickly steel bar shaped into the letter Q for barbecue, and peas in a can pie for pecan pie). Laughting at their funny attempts, Sandy finally feels at home with her Bikini Bottom friends.
Walking Small 18b "Walking Small" 22 March 2000
Wanting to build The Mega Bucket on the beach of Goo Lagoon, Plankton trains SpongeBob to drive everybody away from the beach by teaching him by being aggressive. After making everyone leave the beach, SpongeBob learns of Plankton's ulterior motives. SpongeBob, out of guilt, brings everyone back beeing positively agressive.
Fools in April 19a "Fools in April" 1 April 2000
"Fools in April" is considered the "April Fools" special episode.
SpongeBob plays harmless April Fool's jokes on everyone, but Squidward plays one very mean and painful joke on him. After SpongeBob runs away crying, the crowd angrily scrutinizes the cruel joke played on him. Squidward tries to ignore it, but he realizes that he must set things right to ease his conscience. After much effort, Squidward manages to apologize to SpongeBob.
Neptune's Spatula 19b "Neptune's Spatula" 1 April 2000
While at the Fry Cook Museum, SpongeBob pulls a legendary spatula out of a bucket of grease, summoning King Neptune. He isn't pleased to find that SpongeBob is the one destined to be his eternal fry cook. After some goading by Patrick, Neptune challenges SpongeBob to prove his ability, risking his freedom to cook. SpongeBob takes him up on the offer, but quickly loses the race to make one thousand burgers. Feeling victorious, Neptune passes his burgers out to all the spectators only to find that they taste terrible. Tasting SpongeBob's burger, Neptune declares him the winner.
Hooky 20a "Hooky" 8 April 2000
Mr. Krabs comes into the Krusty Krab warning everybody of the fishing hooks in town. Patrick encourages SpongeBob to play on them, thinking they are not dangerous and are covered with free cheese. Mr. Krabs discovers that SpongeBob has taken a break from the Krusty Krab to go play. When he finds SpongeBob and Patrick out on the hooks, he scolds them from doing it again. The next day, Patrick continues to play on the hooks and SpongeBob soon joins him. He finds the hook has snagged his pants and begs for Mr. Krabs' help, for which Mr. Krabs advises him to take off his pants. He finally gives in, running home embarrassed and nude. After SpongeBob runs, Patrick returns from playing, only to be returned in a can of tuna.
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II 20b "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" 8 April 2000
SpongeBob wins a conch shell that can call his favorite superheroes in emergencies. However, SpongeBob's definition of "emergency" is drastically different than Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's. Barnacle Boy takes the conch shell away and, in return, Mermaid Man allows SpongeBob to follow them on their heroic rounds for a day, but the crime fighting duo soon become annoyed with him. When they attempt to ditch him, they are snagged by their arch-nemesis, The Dirty Bubble, and SpongeBob is forced to rescue them.

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