Stage Fright is a chapter book published as part of the Nick Zone series of chapter books. It is the only known storybook based on Danny Phantom.


At Casper High, Mr. Lancer is putting on a stage play, the play in question being Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Danny himself is cast in the lead role of Macbeth, which seems fine at first, until Lancer morbidly warns that "This play is CURSED." Despite Sam and Tucker's warnings, Danny dismisses the curse as a lot of nonsense, and -per the rules of the curse- says Macbeth's name on-stage, thus a series of weird events begin to happening.

At first, it starts with a bucket of paint falling from a ladder onto Danny's head, and progressed with a spotlight falling from a rafter, nearly crushing both Danny and Tucker in the process. luckily, Danny saved them both by 'going ghost' at the last minute. There is also talk of props disappearing, the Witch's Cauldron exploding, and the stage curtain attacking them, but, none of those are seen, only mentioned by Sam.

On the day of the play, Danny has had enough to hear of the "Macbeth Curse", and at last deduces that his troubles aren't because of a centuries-old curse, but a ghost. His suspicious are proven correct when a piece of scenery falls, nearly crushing Danny and, upon surviving his latest incident, a Ghost garbed in Shakespearian clothing appears, introducing himself as "Milton Hamalot", a deceased "actor" (and a hammy actor at that) who has been haunting the "amateur theater" halls of Casper for years, and has been given the chance of his "afterlifetime" at Macbeth, a play he knows frontwards and backwards. His gripe with Danny is that the lead role was passed to Danny, and not him. Boasting that he knows every single line in the play, Danny takes advantage of his ego, and they each began exchanging random lines from the play. While Hamalot is distracted, Danny sneaks the Fenton Thermos, and with his last line: "Go thou, ghost, into the thermos and get thee gone!" sucks the ghost into the thermos, and at last puts an end to his troubles.

The play goes on without a hitch, and the only lesson Danny takes from it is "nobody upstages Danny Fenton."

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