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Rabbids Invasion
"Super Rabbid"
Season 1, Episode 14A
The super rabbid flys and he goes falling back down.
Airdate: January 4, 2014
Written by: Philipphe Riche
Directed by: Fabien Ouvrard
Episode chronology
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"Rabbid Test N°98001-c: the Mirror" "Dueling Rabbids"
"Super Rabbid" is a first segment in the fourteenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


Two rabbids think that Professor Barranco 3 is a hero and want him to do heroic things,after many 'heroic things' a cop that arrested Pepe Le Punk let's Barranco 3 take a mask that Pepe used to rob a bank.But only to the rabbids start to think that he's a woman with that mask.


  • This is the first segment to be a first episode of 2014.


  • When Proffeser Barranaco 3 Puts On the Mask Both Eyes are Blue.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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