"Sweet Dreams"
Season 8, Episode 154B
Rugrats Sweet Dreams
Production code: 810B
Airdate: September 13, 2003
Episode chronology
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"Back to School" "A Step at a Time"
"Sweet Dreams" is the second segment of the 154th episode of Rugrats.


At a sleep-over at Tommy's house, the Rugrats have vivid dreams, except for Chuckie, whose dream was virtually blank. Later, when the Rugrats decided to play-act what they dreamed about, Chuckie said that they lost his dream, so he has the other Rugrats go looking for it.

Meanwhile, Chaz has a mid-life crisis, as his life is now perfect—except for his long-time job as a bureaucrat. At Kira's recommendation, they decide to go into a business of their own, eventually deciding on buying a coffee shop and running it themselves.

Also, Stu wins a radio station trivia contest, in which he was rewarded with tickets for two to a Dreamboaters reunion concert. But the excitement turns to panic when he misplaces the tickets.


  • Chronologically, this episode is meant to come before "The Fun Way Day", as this is the episode in which Chaz and Kira announce that they'll be going into the coffee-shop business, complete with a look at The Java Lava before its remodeling. Confusingly, though, this episode came long after "The Fun Way Day" in both production and airing order for unknown reasons.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Season 8

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