"Sweet Dreams" is the second segment of the 154th episode of Rugrats.


At a sleep-over at Tommy's house, the Rugrats have vivid dreams, except for Chuckie, whose dream was virtually blank. Later, when the Rugrats decided to play-act what they dreamed about, Chuckie said that they lost his dream, so he has the other Rugrats go looking for it.

Meanwhile, Chaz has a mid-life crisis, as his life is now perfect—except for his long-time job as a bureaucrat. At Kira's recommendation, they decide to go into a business of their own, eventually deciding on buying a coffee shop and running it themselves.

Also, Stu wins a radio station trivia contest, in which he was rewarded with tickets for two to a Dreamboaters reunion concert. But the excitement turns to panic when he misplaces the tickets.


  • Chronologically, this episode is meant to come before "The Fun Way Day", as this is the episode in which Chaz and Kira announce that they'll be going into the coffee-shop business, complete with a look at the Java Lava before its remodeling. Confusingly, though, this episode comes after "The Fun Way Day" in both production and airing order for unknown reasons.

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  • Rugrats: Season 8

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