"TNT-Midi" is the first segment of the 13th episode of Breadwinners.


The episode starts off with Buhdeuce and Swaysway amazed at how fast they were going. Then the screen shows that they were going about 1 mile pet hour. Buhdeuce tells some geese that they are going as fast as they can. Then he sneezes and covers a goose in snot. He asks SwaySway why they were going so slow. SwaySway answers that they are carrying the highly dangerous Spicy Dynamite Bread. 

When they crash at the Tree house Buhdeuce comes to get the bread he sneezes all over the bread. He mistakens Snails on Kale Bread for Spicy Dynamite Bread. SwaySway asks why he ordered so much bread. T-Midi says that he is having a party and everyone is invited. The Breadwinners think they are invited too, but T-Midi says they aren't because of last time they were invited to one of his parties (A cutscene reveals they brought honey bread to the party, but it was filled with bees and everyone at the party got stung).

Then when they go to deliver the rest of their bread, they realize that they mixed up the bread order.


  • A small clip for this episode was seen on's Lunchbox Checklist.
  • This episode reveals that Buhdeuce is allergic to goose feathers and that Rainbow Confetti makes him sick.
  • This episode reveals T-Midi has a crush on Ms. Furfle.