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Invader Zim
"Tak, the Hideous New Girl"
Season 1, Episode 20
Production code: 120
Airdate: May 10, 2002
Episode chronology
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"Lice" "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff"
"Tak, the Hideous New Girl" is the 20th episode of Invader Zim, and the intended season finale of the show's first season (though a few episodes produced earlier were held over and aired later).


A pretty new girl, Tak, joins the class and is instantly beloved by all the other children. Zim thinks she's in love with him until she reveals that she's Irken and has come to destroy Earth to impress the Tallest and take his mission.

Home video releases

  • Invader Zim: Volume 3 - Horrible Holiday Cheer
  • Invader Zim: Season 1
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