"Temporary Fairy" is the second segment of the 105th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy wakes his godfamily up in 5:00 AM in the morning, wanting very extreme wishes. However, Wanda makes his wishes safety-oriented because of Poof. Cosmo tells "Timmy" that every fairy comes with insurance. If you are not happy with your current fairies, you can request a temporary fairy. So Jorgen arrives—mainly because all the other fairies have godchildren—and asks Timmy to sign a contract. He signs it, even after Wanda telling him there's a reason why Jorgen has no godchild… He turns every wish extreme, but that's exactly what Timmy was looking for right now!

But after some time, Timmy is exhausted and wants Jorgen to leave. Unfortunately, the fine print in the contract reads that only Jorgen can release him or if Timmy explodes. The only other way is wishing for dull stuff, something that even Jorgen is afraid of. After Jorgen is humiliated in front of every fairy and a rabid beaver by wearing a diaper and a baby pink hat, he destroys the contract.

Meanwhile, Cosmo is convinced Timmy is a clone and looks for the real Timmy. His Dad does that too.

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