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Home video releases of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.


The VHS releases were all distributed by Sony Wonder.

Cover Title Released
ClassicPetes Classic Petes May 31, 1994
  • "What We Did on Our Summer Vacation"
  • "Apocalypse Pete"

Bonus feature: The pre-series short "Artie's Workout"

SchoolDazed School Dazed July 26, 1994
  • "Day of the Dot"
  • "Tool and Die"

Bonus feature: The pre-series short "StareMaster"

FarewellMyLittleViking Farewell, My Little Viking March 21, 1995
  • "Farewell, My Little Viking"

Bonus feature: The pre-series short "Artie, the Strongest Man... in the World"


The DVD releases were all distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.

Cover Title Released
AdventuresOfPeteAndPete Volume1 Season One May 17, 2005
Disc 1:
  • "King of the Road"
  • "Day of the Dot"
  • "The Nightcrawlers"
  • "Range Boy"
  • "Tool and Die"
  • "Don't Tread on Pete"
Disc 2:
  • "When Petes Collide"
  • "Hard Day's Pete"
  • "Valentine's Day Massacre"
  • "What We Did On Our Summer Vacation"
  • "Apocalypse Pete"
  • "New Year's Pete"

Bonus features:

  • The pre-series shorts "The Burping Room" and "Mom's Plate"
  • Audio commentaries for "What We Did on Our Summer Vacation", "Day of the Dot", and "The Nightcrawlers"
AdventuresOfPeteAndPete Season2 Season Two November 1, 2005
Disc 1:
  • "Grounded for Life"
  • "Field of Pete"
  • "The Call"
  • "The Big Quiet"
  • "Time Tunnel"
  • "Inspector 34"
  • "Halloweenie"
Disc 2:
  • "X=Why?"
  • "On Golden Pete"
  • "Farewell, My Little Viking"
  • "Yellow Fever"
  • "Sick Day"
  • "Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas"

Bonus features:

  • The pre-series shorts "Artie, the Strongest the World", "The Punishment", "Route 34", "X-Ray Man", and "The Launch"
  • Audio commentaries for "Halloweenie," "Farewell, My Little Viking", and "Yellow Fever"
No Image Season Three unreleased
The Season Three DVD set was scheduled for release on February 28, 2006, but was removed from the schedule after Paramount Pictures' merger with DreamWorks.

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