"What do animals do when the humans aren't watching?"

"The Barnyard" is the test pitch/pilot episode for the Barnyard franchise, originally produced by DNA Productions[1] for Steve Oedekerk's O Entertainment. The movie wasn't produced until five years later (as it was originally slated for a holiday 2005 release).


This was rumored to be a pilot for the show, but it was revealed in a tweet thread by Todd Grimes, a director of the show, that it wasn't a pilot but a test pitch.[2]


Those images were posted on, on March 2000.


  • Footage of the test pitch can be seen on the very first teaser trailer for the movie, which can be seen in the opening of the 2007 Flushed Away VCD[3].
Barnyard RARE Teaser Trailer from 2005

Barnyard RARE Teaser Trailer from 2005