"The Case of the Missing Rugrat"
Season 2, Episode 28B
Rugrats - The Case Of The Misisng Rugrat
Original air date: December 13, 1992
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"Visitors from Outer Space" "Chuckie Loses His Glasses"

The Case of the Missing Rugrat is the second segment of the 28th episode of Rugrats.


After finishing his grocery shopping at Greenstreet's supermarket, Grandpa places Tommy into a Dusenburg, an old car, just for show. He only turns his back for a second, and Tommy is gone. After intensive searching, Grandpa traces Tommy to "Grey Gardens" at 1531 Selma Dr., home of Emma and Clarice Pendragon, a couple of old, blue-blooded ladies who have adopted him as their son.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Tommy Troubles (1998 reissue)
  • Rugrats: Season 2
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