The Crypt
Legends of the Hidden Temple location
Type Entrance
Located in Olmec's Temple
Founder Olmec
Owner Olmec
First appearance The Silver Horseshoe of Butch Cassidy
Last appearance

The Crypt is a room filled with skeletons holding books. The contestant must pull the golden books from the skeletons to go straight into the Pit area or down into The Ledges. In later Season 2 episodes, Temple Guards would usually hide there. The skeletons says "Get out of here!" and "Let go!" whenever the door doesn't open. In Season 3, most contestants would start their run here rather than the ledges.


  • In Season 2, the skeletons still say their lines at the same time when the door opens. In Seasons 3, they don't.
  • Many contestants often failed to pull all three books, causing them problems. One example is Brian from The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman. He didn't pull all the books the first time, causing him to go into the Ledges and met a temple guard. The ledges was a dead-end, wasting precious time.
Seasons Used 2 onward
Layouts Used X-
Episodes Seen 41-
Objective Completion 62 (24 - Season 2, 38 - Season 3)
Temple Guard Encounters 17 (9 - Season 2, 8 - Season 3)
Adjoining Rooms The Pit of Despair (Layouts X & XI)
The Troubled Bridge (Layout XII)
The Pit (Layouts XIII & XIV)
The Pit of the Pendulum (Season 3 onward)
The Ledges

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