"The Fairy Flu!" is the first segment of the 22nd episode of Oh Yeah! Cartoons, and the fifth Fairly OddParents short produced for the show. It is notable as the episode that introduces Tootie, Vicky's little sister, voiced here by Amber Hood (Grey DeLisle would take over as her voice in the series itself).

When The Fairly OddParents became its own series, this short was aired as part of an compilation episode that also contained the pilot short and "Too Many Timmys!"


Cosmo and Wanda have caught the fairy flu and whenever they sneeze, their magic affects everything around them. This proves to be a problem for Timmy, who has been invited to a birthday party for Tootie, Vicky's little sister who is madly in love with him.

Home video releases

  • Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2

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