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Danny Phantom
"The Fenton Menace"
Season 2, Episode 27
S02e07 title card
Airdate: October 7, 2005
Written by: Marty Isenberg
Directed by: Wincat Alcala
Butch Hartman
Kevin Petrilak
Episode chronology
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"Identity Crisis" "The Ultimate Enemy"

"The Fenton Menace" is the twenty-seventh episode of Danny Phantom.


Danny's friends and family think he is going crazy when he claims he's seeing a ghost that no one else can see. Jazz decides on a vacation for the whole Fenton family, but Danny aims to show her the ghost he is seeing really exist and is not just in his mind.

Home video releases

  • Danny Phantom: Season 2
  • Danny Phantom: Season 2, Part 1
  • Danny Phantom: The Complete Series

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