The Loud House
Season 1
Original run: May 2, 2016 – November 8, 2016
# of episodes: 26
DVD release: May 23, 2017 (Part 1)
May 22, 2018 (Part 2)
Next season: 2
This is a list of episodes in the first season of the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. All episodes are directed by Chris Savino, though "The Price of Admission" and "One Flu Over the Loud House" were co-directed by Kyle Marshall.


# Title card Title Original air date (United States)
1 Title-LeftInTheDark "Left in the Dark" May 2, 2016
When Lincoln wants to watch the finale of his favorite show, he has to beat each sister to get to the couch first.
Title-GetTheMessage "Get the Message" May 2, 2016
Lincoln enlists Clyde's help to delete a scathing voicemail he left on Lori's smartphone before she hears it.
2 Title-HeavyMeddle "Heavy Meddle" May 3, 2016
Lincoln is getting picked on by a bully at school, but he does not want his sisters to interfere in his business like always.
Title-MakingTheCase "Making the Case" May 3, 2016
Lincoln secretly videos his sisters' most embarrassing moments in order to win a video contest at school.
3 Title-DrivingMissHazy "Driving Miss Hazy" May 9, 2016
Tired of doing Lori favors to get her to drive him around, Lincoln and the rest of his sisters tries to help Leni pass her driving test.
Title-NoGutsNoGlori "No Guts, No Glori" May 10, 2016
Lori's tyranny as babysitter prompts Lincoln and the rest of his sisters to plot a rebellion.
4 Title-TheSweetSpot "The Sweet Spot" May 6, 2016
Lincoln attempts to claim the best seat in the family van for a long road trip.
Note: This episode first released online on April 1, 2016.
TwoTablesTitle "A Tale of Two Tables" May 6, 2016
Lincoln is annoyed by the messy and annoying antics of his younger sisters at the "kiddie table". He thinks that he's grownup and old enough to eat at the "grownup table", with his older sisters and Mom and Dad.
Note: This episode first released online on April 1, 2016.
5 Title-ProjectLoudHouse "Project Loud House" May 5, 2016
Lincoln tries to help his sisters get ready for the day while trying to get his project to school on time and in one piece.
In Tents Debate "In Tents Debate" May 5, 2016
Lincoln's sisters cannot decide on which of two destinations to choose for their family vacation. Since Lincoln is the deciding vote, each team tries to coerce him into choosing their side.
6 Title-SoundOfSilence "Sound of Silence" May 19, 2016
Lincoln buys a pair of sound-canceling earbuds to drown out the noises his sisters make.
Title-SpaceInvader "Space Invader" May 20, 2016
After Lynn and Lucy get in a fight, Lincoln agrees to let Lynn bunk in his room but only for a night!
7 Title-PicturePerfect "Picture Perfect" May 11, 2016
Lincoln tries to create a "perfect" family photo to give to his parents for their anniversary, much to his sisters' chagrin.
The Loud House Undie Pressure "Undie Pressure" May 12, 2016
The Loud siblings make a bet to see who can go the longest without displaying their most annoying traits and habits.
8 Title-LincOrSwim "Linc or Swim" May 13, 2016
After the family gets banned from every pool center near their home, Lincoln purchases a kiddie pool for himself without his sisters knowing.
Changing the Baby "Changing the Baby" May 18, 2016
Feeling he has nothing in common with his sisters, Lincoln tries to mold Lily into liking what he likes, making Clyde feel left out, and getting his sisters to vie for Lily's attention.
9 Overnightsuccesstitlecard "Overnight Success" July 20, 2016
Clyde comes over for a sleepover, but ends up making Lincoln jealous when he wants to hang out with Lincoln's sisters instead.
Ties That Bind "Ties That Bind" June 7, 2016
Lincoln overhears his parents having a conversation and mistakenly believes that they're planning to get rid of him and his sisters.
10 HandMeDowner - Title "Hand-Me-Downer" May 16, 2016
Lincoln feels embarrassed when he gets a pink hand-me-down bike from Lori, so he "borrows" Lynn's cool bike to impress some local biker kids.
Note: This episode first released online on April 15, 2016.
Soctitlecard "Sleuth or Consequences" May 17, 2016
After being blamed for clogging the bathroom toilet, Lincoln, assisted by Lucy, tries to find the real culprit.
Note: This episode first released online on April 15, 2016.
11 Title-ButterflyEffect "Butterfly Effect" June 9, 2016
Lincoln accidentally spills one of Lisa's potions, causing a chain of events that unravel the household.
Title-TheGreenHouse "The Green House" June 8, 2016
In an effort to be more energy-efficient, Lincoln rallies his family to stop using so much electricity.
12 Along Came a Sister "Along Came a Sister" May 4, 2016
Lincoln is given the responsibility of caring for Frank, the class tarantula, but when Frank goes missing after Lincoln lets him out of his case, he and his other sisters try to find him and protect him from arachnophobic Leni, and then a determined exterminator.
Title-ChoreAndPeace "Chore and Peace" May 4, 2016
Feeling he gets a raw deal from being stuck with garbage duty, Lincoln decides to go on strike until someone swaps chores with him.
13 Title-ForBrosAboutToRock "For Bros About to Rock" June 6, 2016
Lincoln and Clyde attend their first rock concert with Luna, who hopes to make it a memorable experience for them.
It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House" June 10, 2016
Lincoln finds an old document in the attic and believes there is a stash of money hidden in the house.
14 Toads and Tiaras "Toads and Tiaras" July 21, 2016
When Lola gets injured and is unable to compete in a pageant, Lincoln trains Lana to take her place.
Two Boys and a Baby "Two Boys and a Baby" July 19, 2016
To avoid going with his family to Aunt Ruth's house, Lincoln offers to babysit Lily for the day, with help from Clyde, but things don't go as planned.
15 Title-CoverGirls "Cover Girls" August 1, 2016
When all 10 of Lincoln's sisters ask him to cover for them on the same day, Lincoln has his hands full.
Title-SaveTheDate "Save the Date" August 4, 2016
Lori and Lincoln go on a double date with Bobby and his little sister Ronnie Anne.
16 Title-AttentionDeficit "Attention Deficit" August 3, 2016
Lincoln starts spending time at Clyde's house after Clyde's dads give Lincoln more attention than he gets at home by his ten sisters.
Out on a Limo Title Card "Out on a Limo" August 2, 2016
Lincoln wins a ride in a limo, and his personality changes when his experience of living the high life goes to his head.
17 House Music "House Music" July 18, 2016
The kids decide to form a band for their act in the talent show at the Family Fun Fair, but when Luna finds out that Mick Swagger is scouting for talent at the fair, she loses sight of what's important.
A Novel Idea "A Novel Idea" July 22, 2016
Lincoln visits his mother's dental office on Take Your Daughter to Work Day while his sisters all visit their father's office. He soon works to recover his mother's notebook, containing the manuscript for a novel she's been working on, when he misplaces it.
18 AprilFollaa "April Fools Rules" October 18, 2016
Lincoln tries to avoid getting pranked by Luan on April Fools' Day.
Cereal Offender "Cereal Offender" October 18, 2016
The Loud family goes to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping, but Lincoln has other plans.
19 Title-LincolnLoudGirlGuru "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" September 13, 2016
Lincoln and Clyde must start a business for a school project and they decide to sell Lincoln's knowledge of how to deal with sisters.
Title-Come Sale Away "Come Sale Away" September 12, 2016
Each of the Loud children wants to sell more than the others at their annual garage sale.
20 Title-Roughin It "Roughin' It" September 14, 2016
Lincoln is worried that he's lost his manliness from growing up with all sisters, so he and Clyde go camping.
Waitinggame "The Waiting Game" September 15, 2016
Lincoln gets Lori a job at a pizza arcade, but when he starts to ask favors of her, Lori gets in hot water.
21 Loudhouseyard "The Loudest Yard" September 16, 2016
When Mom signs Lincoln up for peewee football, he asks Lynn take his spot.
Title-Raw Deal "Raw Deal" October 19, 2016
After Lucy reads Lincoln's fortune and claims his day will "end in disaster", Lincoln becomes a hypochondriac.
22 LoudHouseDannce "Dance, Dance Resolution" September 19, 2016
It’s the Sadie Hawkins dance at school and Lincoln's sisters have accidentally landed him four dates!
LoudHouseFair "A Fair to Remember" September 20, 2016
When Lincoln and Bobby become friends, Lori sets out to make Bobby jealous by hanging out with Clyde.
23 IMG 08332 "One of the Boys" October 17, 2016
When Lincoln wishes he had ten brothers instead of ten sisters, Lisa gives him a glimpse into that reality.
LoudHouseTatter "A Tattler's Tale" September 21, 2016
Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but they won't let her in because she's a "tattle tale."
24 Funny Business "Funny Business" November 7, 2016
Lincoln becomes Luan's clown assistant but starts hogging the spotlight.
Snow Bored "Snow Bored" November 8, 2016
The Loud kids set out to show Lisa what is "fun" about a snow day.
25 Title-The Price of Admission "The Price of Admission" October 15, 2016
After seeing a scary movie his parents told him not to see, Lincoln gets traumatized and is unable to sleep.
Title-One Flu Over the Loud House "One Flu Over the Loud House" October 15, 2016
When the house gets hit with the common cold, Lincoln believes his sisters have become zombies.
26 Title-Study Muffin "Study Muffin" October 20, 2016
Lincoln gets a tutor that all his sisters instantly get crushes on him, making it impossible for Lincoln to study.
Ous5 "Homespun" September 22, 2016
The kids complain about their house, but when a tornado threatens to destroy it, they start to feel differently.