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The Other Kingdom 
The Other Kingdom Logo 
Creator: Thomas W. Lynch 
Director: Various of People 
Starring: Esther Zynn 
Number of seasons: 1+ 
Number of episodes: 8+ 
Producer: Thomas W. Lynch 
Asst. producer: Steven DeNure, Anne Loi 
Location: Toronto, Canada 
Camera: Film, Single-camera 
Runtime: About 21 Minutes 
First aired: April 10, 2016 
Offical website: 
The Other Kingdom at

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The Other Kingdom is a Nickelodeon sitcom about a Fairy Princess Girl named Astral living in a secret kingdom full of mythical creatures and magical beings. Fairy Princess Astral is more interested in living with humans, where kids her age are in a world of their own -- high school.

Astral has always fantasized about living with humans and now's her chance! Leaving her home in the Fairy Kingdom of Athenia means she'll have to keep her identity a secret at all costs. Posing as an exchange student, she's determined to experience what life is like for a normal high schooler— but she's got a lot to learn first. Like, what's a 'selfie'? And where does broccoli come from? It's a whole new world for Astral and she'll soon find out that fitting in is hard, especially if you're a fairy!

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