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Oh Yeah! Cartoons
"The Really Bad Day!"
Season 3, Episode 40B
Titlecard-The Really Bad Day
Airdate: December 8, 2000
Written by: Butch Hartman
Episode chronology
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"The Fish and Fishman" "Super Humor"
"The Really Bad Day!" is the second segment of the 40th episode of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It is the ninth Fairly OddParents short featured on the show.


For one day in a certain number of years, a fairy godparent has to be "bad", and it is Cosmo's turn. There is just one problem: he is horrible at being "bad." Timmy and Wanda try to help him. So they enlist in the help of the conqueror Genghis Khan to teach him how to be bad, and soon Cosmo has a plan to blow up the Earth!

Home video releases

  • The Fairly OddParents: Fairy Idol

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