The Room of Three Torches was a room in Olmec's Temple. If entering from The Shrine of the Silver Monkey, one can ride the elevator down into The Mine Shaft or The Well. Otherwise, The objective of this room was to grab a torch and find (and therefore place it in) the correct torch holder. In layouts I-II, it was originally known as The Torch Room.

Seasons Used 1
Layouts Used I & II, VI-IX
Episodes Seen 1-6, 22-40
Objective Completion 4
Artifacts Featured The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary
The Snake Bracelet of Cleopatra
The Treasure of Anne Bonny
Predecessor/Successors The Pirate's Cove (Layouts III-V)
The Viper's Nest (Layout X)
Adjoining Rooms The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Mine Shaft (Layouts I-II)
The Well (Layouts VI-IX)