The Room of the Mandarin Hand is a room in Olmec's Temple. Here, the contestant must put the fingers onto the globe to open the door. Throughout the series, plenty of the contestants were taken out by Temple Guards while running through the room.


  • Both contestants who have completed this room's objective's names were both Jason (from The Levitating Dog Leash of Nostradamus and The Broken Wing of Icarus) who entered the King's Storeroom after completing the objective.
    • When Jason (from the Broken Wing of Icarus) opened the door in the room, he did not press all of the fingers on the globe. This implies that the objective of the room is to press the correct finger on the globe (the answer in that episode being the pinkie while the answer in the other mentioned episode was the index finger).
  • There was formerly a Legends of the Hidden Temple fan website called the Room of the Mandarin Hand.
Seasons Used 2
Layouts Used XIV
Episodes Seen 72-80
Objective Completion 2
Temple Guard Encounters 3
Artifacts Featured The Golden Earring of Henry Morgan
Predecessor Medusa's Lair
Successor The Chamber of the Sacred Markers
Adjoining Rooms The Observatory
The King's Storeroom
The Laser Light Room